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Stray Cat

The Dude

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shes a darling. I find that strays end up being the best pets they are so grateful for love and attention.


I have a stray named Jet (shes jet black). She only wants to be outside and somewhat wild. She will only let me and my son touch her. she stays under the house and refuses to change how she feels about being in the house. Well mid summer I missed seeing her for a week or two, never around when it came time to feed her and didn't know what became of her. She arrived back home almost starved to death. Skin and bones totally pitiful. Well as I said, she didnt like anyone to touch her except me and my son. I was concerned for her getting back to health, and wanted to give her some extra attention. I took her in to see my aunt who had alzheimers. I held her while my aunt petted her cause she gets anxious around strangers. well she started to purr and trying to get down out of my hands.... she went and curled up on the bed with my aunt and they became big friends. My aunt died at the end of July, and that kitty gave her so many sweet moments before she passed.


A few days after I buried my aunt, I opened the front door and the cat ran in, which she never does. She loves it outside. She walked straight to my aunts room looking for her and meowing. When she didnt find her she wanted to go right back outside. She realized her friend was gone ...

Shes back to fluffy and healthy again now but each time I look at her I think of my aunt and how sweet they were together.


So ya never know dude that kitty may have been sent your way for a special purpose like my Jet was. :)

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We just did a head count here.


15 cats

2 dogs


and 4 big fish (2 Oscars and 2 Pimelodus Catfish)


Probably gonna need a Zoo Keepers license if this keeps up! :lol:


Enjoy your kitty Dude. Animals make great friends.



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I loved your story TracyLynn. My kitty Sapphire always stays with me when I have to be on bed rest, as I mentioned before. So, does our lab, Shadow, they have great senses.


And Y, who knew you were were such a pushover for pets. :P I am so glad you are caring for so many! :tup: That's a lot of kitty chow!


Dude, have you named her? Keep her inside if ya can, if she's outside and goes in to heat, you might have more then you bargained for......




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