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What the Heck is Overclocked Vcore?


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I'm trying to find out if my 500W PSU can handle an overclocked system via eXtreme PSU Calculator. I haven't built my system yet, let alone ordered the parts (except the PSU), so I can't get any data directly from my computer-to-be. But here are the parts:





Later on, I'm getting this video card.


And I plan on sticking this cooler on the CPU. Might be overkill, but I figured it couldn't hurt.


How do I calculate the overclocked Vcore? Also, how high can I overclock that CPU with the cooler above?

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Well not exactly. If thats a Single Rail High quality PSU, you should be able to bump up a few hundred MHZ.


But, if its multi rail, then your just barely cutting it close with that PSU. Which PSU is it?



Id say a nice, cheap Power supply that will get you somewere is the Ultra LSP 550w. Its a single rail, 30 amp, power supply that should be able to take a load. That would be a good future investiment.

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I bought this one. It says on the top of the unit that it pumps out a max of 550W.


Using this calculator, I'm getting 389W with the video card (but not the exact one- HD 4670 wasn't on the list. I used ATI Radeon HD 4870) and 6 fans, and without overclocking.


EDIT: Okay, apparently I was wrong about the 550W thing. I'd have sworn I saw it there, but I checked again and couldn't find it. :blushing: I''m a bit dyslexic, so I probably read some other number on it as 550W.

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Yay! :clap: How much do you reckon that I'd be able to get out of it? And how do I find the overclocked Vcore?




The Vcore is the Volts going to the CPU. To OC, you need a higher Vcore since the Speed is going up.


Like a Car, the faster it is, the more gas it needs.



You should get to atleast 3.0ghz fully stable.

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