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WIFI laptop and Desktop and 1 ethernet cable

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OK ive got Alltel wirless Wifi modem hooked USB in to my desktop, And im running my laptop to my desk top via ethernet. my desktops internet works fine and i can share files to both computers. but i cant get the internet to work with my laptop. Only my desktop has internet. I got it to work for 5 minutes, both having internet. And it stopped. Ive tryed everything i turned on file sharring with both computers, And got both private connections. and i tried public connections. How do i do this??? :pullhair: Thanks for the help

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I got it working with no router!! yes finally. I just went to dial up properties and enables networking internet sharing. and now its working great!! both computer OL wuth my 3G usb modem and laptop connected to desktop with ethernet. :mrgreen:

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