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secure folders in linux


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i am trying this tip in ubuntu 8.04



holding ctrl+h will show hidden folders in nautilas, you can change folders to make them hidden from anyone, even your self :lol:


say for example you have a folder called images, simply by renaming it by putting a dot/ period at beginning makes it hidden.







to completely lock your entire home folder open console and type chmod -r /home/name of your directory/


this will even lock you out :rofl2:


to enable permission in terminal type chmod +r /home/name of your directory/


you should be able to open your home folder now.


edit: trick to view those folders in a directory when chmod -r is active, just click a folder on left panel, you will be able to access them there, this way its impossible for anyone to access your home folder over a network or vulnerability :clap:

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It's a simple file permission and has nothing to do with GUI, DE, your choice of file management.............


It is a basic Linux command. It doesn't matter what distribution you use, doesn't matter what file manager your using or anything, in fact you don't even need to be using a GUI for this to work.

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to secure individual folders and not an entire directory use the same command by doing this.


chmod -r /home/directory name/documents/


this will only affect the documents folder' for example i used documents, you can do this to any folder or multiple folders.

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