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my pc is fine now but...

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Some things will slip thru, if you don't know them then don't click.


I don't click anything forwarded by people I do know. Jokes-whatever.


Most people do not run the safest/clean PC as you should know how from learning here, as I have.


SpywareBlaster is usually a nonconfflict background protection.

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i got a messege from someone i don't know on my yahoo asking me to copy and paste a

link to see them nude

wth was that?

i thought i was safe..... kasper and bit defender didnt find anything

what was that?


Which instant messenger were you on at that time?

Reason, when you see a message like that come through does your I.M. have an option to block this person without having any interaction?, or an option to only receive IM's from people on your friends list?

Still yet, if one of your friends machine is infected it can send out from their name.

Been so long since I've used a instant messenger program, just thinking that by now they all have, or should have this feature.


OK read this again and see it's yahoo...

If I remember correct, yahoo has security settings to block.

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