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MS e-mail spoofs with malware

- http://blogs.technet.com/msrc/archive/2008...th-malware.aspx

October 13, 2008 - "... While malicious e-mails posing as Microsoft security notifications with attached malware aren't new (we've seen this problem for several years) this particular one is a bit different in that it claims to be signed by our own Steve Lipner and has what appears to be a PGP signature block attached to it. While those are clever attempts to increase the credibility of the mail, I can tell you categorically that this is not a legitimate e-mail: it is a piece of malicious spam and the attachment is malware. Specifically, it contains Backdoor:Win32/Haxdoor... we never, ever, ever send attachments with our security notification e-mails. And, as a matter of company policy, Microsoft will never send you an executable attachment. If you get an e-mail that claims to be a security notification with an attachment, delete it. It is always a spoof..."




courtesy apluswebmaster

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