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World of Warcraft + Buring Crusade Constant Problem

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Hey guys need :h3lp:installing and patching (when i manage to get it installed) World of warcraft, everytime i get a problem and cant see what it is.


Firstlly i can never install the game without having to locate the CD/ROM and exploring then copy and pasteing into a folder on my own drive and installing that way, once i have finally installed i then need to patch the game as some of you may know.


I download the patches useing the blizard patch downloader and everytime without fail it fails on applying the patch, it could be any patch it changes each time usually and the files, it usually says failed to rename a file or delete a file but why cant it do this? i really donty understand it, then i would use my friends Harddrive and copy his whole World of Warcraft Folder from his directory to mine as his works fine without fail. I would then get the game going it would work for a decent ammout of time then "bang" files corrup and what not, someone must of had this problem out of all the gamers out there, i dunno where to go from here..


Ive recentlly formatted my computer from vista to XP which it was workign on due to old soundblaster wasnt compatible with Vista! :blink:


I cant see why it wont install/patch, ive tried everything on the Blizzardz technical site and nothign can help ive run in safe mode and selective start up after defraging my drive and everything ive tried the lot.


Can anyone please help me with the problem i would appreciate it allot!


Thanks guys :)

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you try putting in a different CD rom drive? sounds like your files get corrupt right after you Copy and paste the files on your hard drive if i was you i would go to the nearst Store and buy one (or even a DVD drive would be better =) )

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You shouldnt have to copy the cd to your computer for one.


If your having a problem with it not autorunning, then look for the setup.exe or find the .ini and see what it points at to start up the splash screen to install it.


Before you do all of that... clean off everything that is WoW and start clean. I suggest running ccleaner to clean off temp files and then the reg scanner to clear off reg keys that didnt get cleaned off in the uninstall and etc. Just use the program defaults, that is sufficent enough.

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i'm on cairne w/ a mage and warior


anyways, it sounds like your dvd drive there is starting to die on you. you could also have a fualty install disc. i'd call up blizzard and see about replacement discs


as to the patches, they can't be corrupt as the downloader checks every part that is downloaded against a key to safeguard against this. the problem of not being able to rename or delete a file sounds like either a bad install, or you are not patching the game while loged in as a user w/ admin rights.

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This way takes much longer but it may work.


Download the trial client HERE


Download the patches below.









Before proceeding, be sure you are logged in as a user with administrator rights to the computer.


Uninstall WOW and delete the leftover directory in the Program Files folder. Do not save any configuration files or addons or later use.


Now install the trial client but do not launch the game.


Once the trial client is done installing, start installing the patches in the order listed. After each patch is done it will open the wow launchpad or start the game client. Close out of the launchpad or client and start installing the next patch. Repeat until you are done installing 3.0.2.


After you are done patching, log on to the game and enter the world with one of your characters. Then exit the game immediately and go to the WOW directory under Program Files. Run the file Repair.exe. Make sure all 3 options are checked then click on Reset And Check Files. It will check if any of the database files for the game are corrupted or altered and will replaced them with good files.


I know that process is very long with the many gigabytes of data to download, but it has seemed to work best for me when helping friends out with corrupted wow installations. It may or may not work for you, so don't get your hopes up. I do hope it helps though.

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Yea, i would try doing it of the wow cleint, without the diks, i tryed to when i was installing mine, got to like 76% and i snaped and closed it, it took soo long, i just went and got the diks of a friend, but if thats the only way you can do it, its worth the wait. goodluck :)

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