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Hi Everyone,

Sorry I'm back but am still trying to configure my Windows Vista firewall to stopped it coming up disabled everytime I boot up and having to enabled it manually everytime, I don't know if it will help but I will put a list of everything listed in the firewall and what has a tick on it. I also run Avast Anti Virus, SuperAnti Spyware, Windows Defender and connect wireless to the router on my desktop PC


BITS Peercaching

Core Networking (ticked)

Distributed Transaction Coordinator

File and printer sharing

ISCSI Services

Messenger (ticked)

Netlogon Service

Network Discovery (ticket)

Performance logs and Alerts

Remote Administration

Remote Assisstance (ticked)

Remote Event Log Management

Remote Scheduled Tasks Management

Remote Service Management

Remote Volume Management

Routing and remote access

Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol


Windows Collaboration Computer name and Registration service

Windows Firewall Remote Management

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player Net Sharing Service

Windows Meeting Space

Peer to Peer Collaboration Foundation

Windows Remote Management

Wireless Portable Devices


Advanced Tab settings


Local Area Connection (ticked)

Wireless Network Connections (ticked)





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Try to check the services to be sure it's set to automatic, go to start>run>type in ...services.msc... and look in the list to see if the windows firewall is set to auto, You can check all of your services to see if they are at the proper defaults by going to Black Viper's web site




see if anything in here relates to your issue


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Thanks duanester, That was the first thing I looked at but have got no third party FW, much appreciated. one thing I have found out if I turn my router of I can boot the laptop up and the firewall stays enabled, but as soon as I turn the router back onboot up my firewall disables again, got me lost a the moment





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yes, the saying goes, we only need one firewall, well ms says it too but many bombard their systems with such apps.


you can disable the routers firewall but to be honest, the firewall on the router is a thousand times better.


i will post back if i find something :)

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