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I Had a Dream Last Night...

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....That something had gone terribly wrong with my computer. I didn't think much of it, until I woke up in the morning, turned my PC on, and found that both of my Raptors had failed beyond repair. A prophetic vision, I guess.

And to make matters worse, I haven't backed up my data in three months (a very stupid mistake, that cost me dearly).

Anyway, what's your experience with WD's warranty and return policy? Do you think I can get money back, or am I just totally screwed?

By the way, I'm posting this running a Kubuntu live CD on my hard drive-less computer. A true lifesaver!


Thanks in advance.

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I've RMA'd several Raptors. The enduser pays shipping one way, turn-around time is 10 days to three weeks, depending on availability.


Exactly what I thought of shipping, 1 way is covered. But my friend told me that he was sent the RMA'd hard drive first and a pre-paid mailing label envelope to send the bad drive back. Advanced RMA that is, hence the CC comes in at play, so if you don't send the drive within the timeline you get charged.

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