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I Want a New Computer for Christmas!

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I also need a new capture card since it's highly likely this TV-WONDER VE card is highly incompatible with Vista. X.x :cr@sh:

Which route should I choose, PCI-E, firewire, or USB? Maybe even DVD, if I decide to throw in a DVD-recorder on my Santa list...


BTW, I have an idea about something... How do I make this computer I'm using do a network boot, and how do I set this new computer up where the network-booting computer is supposed to boot from the EIDE disks?

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You should specify what kinda things you intend to do with this PC. If you're just into web browsing and office work, you should be fine, but if you're wanting to play games or watch hi-def videos, there's much work to be done.


Obviously, a single core processor with only 2.7 ghz isn't going to run any new game.

2GB or ram is really pushing it with Vista. You need 1gig alone to run the OS, so again, games and possibly even hi-def vids will struggle.


Any onboard graphics card won't do you any good for any advanced activities, so expect to be making use of that single x16 slot.


I haven't looked around, but I'd also suspect the power supply would be pretty low watt, so if you expect to upgrade the videocard, expect to upgrade that as well.


So, if you're looking for an easy to use basic office PC, this sounds great, but don't expect to do a whole lot more. Compaq is a brand I'm not too fond of either. A few years back my family bought a 500 dollar compaq at wal-mart that could barely run norton and IE at the same time. I opened it up a little while back only to find that all it had was 256MB of ram. wow


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ya you should build your own. also that way you are puitting premium parts in. my home built computers using brand parts have pretty much stood the test of time. minus usual maintenance. dont forget to buy some arctic silver 5 thermal grease for your cpu or you will be melting your cpu :( you will get much better performance from that setup....

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Some people were just telling me it was cheaper to get a system with XP installed, but I'm gonna need a 64-bit edition to take advantage of 64-bit features of the microprocessor. But most of the newer computers are just dominated by Vista OSes though...

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