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my C drive is SSD. i was just curious as it noted 13% fragmentation?

also curious as to why my second drive isnt tested.

just wondering if its a known error on the test part or other cause?


where it says CPU clock speed, says top 0%? does it just mean its not tested or there is no comparison?

i was assuming if the CPU itself is top 9% then surely there are others who have same stock clock speed


under "hotfixes" it shows nothing, but i know i have some, or so i thought, does test not check that yet cause this is beta??


curious what the CmiCnfg Application in startup is

also, what do the NV video card driver startup items do? i cant tell the difference if i uncheck them but i'm wondering if their needed for something or effect gaming somehow.

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Your processor showing 0% is right were it should be. That processor at 3.0 gig and not overclocked and no one has that processor clocked higher. The % would only be higher if it varied from 3.0.


The OverDrive scan only tests your C drive for performance and fragmentation. It does not test other drives or partitions.


I'm unsure on the the fragmentation question about solid state drives and the fragmentation figures. I'll ask someone else to take a look and see if they know the answer. I know that fragmentation is handles differently with SSD drives but I'm not sure how our scan is handling it. I'll get back to you.


CmiCnfg seems to be from C media corp.


As for your Nvidia card driver startup otpions, are you talking about AA and AF options?

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