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ups back up power ?s


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ok i was wondering what kind of ups would i need for my pc.


i see all kind of watt ups from 200watts to 900watts and was wondering if my pc has a 580watt 680watt at peak do i have to get a ups at those watts?



like i would like to run my pc which in my sig which is pretty much a still powerful system


and my lcd which is a 20.1 dell and my external 500gb hdd and another 2nd powersupply that runs my 2 sata 160gb hdds.


what ups would power all that?


sucks when the power goes out and im in a middle of a game and loose were i left off.. or if it damages my files.. or worse my hardware which haven't happen yet with vista when i had xp it mostly always mess up something just like it just did to my cousins xp box but system restore saved him.


so i figure i should start looking for a ups:)


also not sure if this should be in this thread or not so if its not right move it to the right place:)

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I have a APC 500VA 300W BU. It covers for electrical hiccups nicely. It works to shut my PC down when there is a pwr failure.. P4 2.8, 512MB, 350W PSU, midrange AGP, 17" LCD, several fans. A 300VA also worked but it did die, not the battery.


I think the company should be able to tell you how many minutes each size will give you.


The battery will only last so long, long enough to save info & shut down is the main idea. The bigger/more expensive the longer it can keep the PC running.

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