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Mad Mad Mad at Comcast

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As most know Comcast will be putting a cap on their so called unlimited service on October first, what some of you may not know is they have already put a cap on the file size per download. This file size is guess what 2.0 gig, this is the reason i am unable to get the Suse 11.0 download.


I found all of this out after spending a bit over an hour with customer service, i also found that my usage of service falls in the average category for internet.


I of course asked if i fall into the average category then why am i unable to download a 4.3 gig file that is open source software, i was told because of the size.


I am seriously considering a class action lawsuit on behalf of all the folks who use comcast and happen to use open source software. I am not looking for money as that would be pointless but what i am looking for is to have Comcast differentiate between those folks who are downloading movies and other large media files and those of us who from time to time download legal software.


Ok i know i am shooting at the stars but like i said i am seriously thinking about it, maybe even a an on line petion.



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we have comcrap here and hate it. we are thinking of going back to dsl. they have our computers locked down to the point i cant use sockso. they claim its not them but when all firewalls and other stuff is shut down and im still blocked what else can it be. as for speed, dsl is lots faster here for some reason.

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I just spent another hour on the phone with both the tech folks and the legal dept at Comcast


First there is a cap on per file download which according to the tech dept happened during the past few weeks as the get ready for the 250 gig cap. According to the tech dept this problem is nation wide and should not have happened and it is being worked on.


Secondly when everything is said and done there will not be a per file cap and those downloading large files from legal download sources wont have a problem up to the point of the 250 gig per month limit. Those who download large files from other than legal sources will have the accounts flagged and monitored for abuse.


It seems at this point that it is next to impossible no matter what method is used to get any files to download that are larger than 2.0 gig.


The legal dept is of the mind it is a technical issue which is being worked on and anyone wanting to sue should get in line. Not in those words but you get the idea.


So to sum it up the cap per file was a goof and will be fixed, if your doing things legally your ok if your not you stand a chance of loosing your service.



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Yeah, I have Comcrap here, but I havent tried to get any large files lately. I am going to try tonight.

I use giganews, so its all encrypted, and comcrap cannot see what I am D/L anyway.



If you want to start a class action, I am there with you!




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We have had Comcast for about 2 years now.

Have the total package. Cable, Interweb, and phone.


We have only had problems with the phone.


But I don't like the way they do things. We don't really have a choice at the moment. To my knowlege, there is only Comcast or ATT/SBC. We had the ATT/SBC DSL but it would go a lot. Thats why we made the switch.

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Here is what ATT DSL says they are delivering ----


"2. AT&T High Speed Internet Service Description


The Service is composed of narrowband or broadband access to the Internet provided by AT&T. The Site, provided by AT&T and Yahoo!, is composed of a broad selection of on-line resources including email, communication tools, forums, shopping services, search services and personalized content and branded programming. Broadband access is provided in speed tiers of: (1) 200 Kbps to 768 Kbps downstream (not available for AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet service), (2) 769 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps downstream; (3) 1.56 Mbps to 3.0 Mbps downstream; (4) 3.1 Mbps to 6.0 Mbps downstream; and (5) 6.1 Mbps to 10.0 Mbps (available only with AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet service) (collectively “Service Capability Speeds”)."


I've read the rest and cannot find mention of file size limits.


Comcrap seems to be the leader in cheating their customers...

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