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Spyware Terminator From IOBIT

Guest Adamsappleone

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Almost every aspect of it worked flawlessly, the user interface looks great, if only the developers removed the Crawler toolbar out of the picture it would be perfect. The application is free and I understand that the toolbar probably provides some kind of a revenue stream, but "silently" installing it with a security application is surely not a good step.

I grabbed this quote off the net-security.org review just in case anybody plans on installing Spyware Terminator.


While I do have the program on my computer that whole Web Crawler toolbar issue really bothered me as well. The program also routinely finds false positives when I use it for scanning. I still use it but I'm not sure that it's a good tool for beginners.


And Spyware Terminator is made by Crawler.



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Note on SpywareTerminator: We originally listed Spyware Terminator on this page out of concerns that Crawler, the company behind the product, had established connections with IBIS, a well known adware distributor responsible for such adware programs as Wintools, Websearch, & Huntbar. Although we found no problems in our initial testing with Spyware Terminator, and while the vendor itself announced that it was exiting the adware business (1), we decided out of caution to impose a three month probation period before we would consider re-testing and, if warranted, de-listing the the product from the Rogue/Suspect list. During that three month probation period we monitored the behavior of IBIS and Crawler. At the end of the three month probation period we re-tested Spyware Terminator, again finding no problems serious enough to justify listing the program on this page. As the vendor involved has not been involved in the distribution of adware for many months, and as the program itself exhibits no problems serious enough to warrant mention on this page, we have decided to de-list Spyware Terminator from the Rogue/Suspect list and can no longer regard the program to be "rogue/suspect."


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Unless it's changed, when you install the Web Security Guard it installs the Crawler toolbar which, when I tried it a few years back brought me to some questionable websites.


The part that bothered me was that there was no warning that the program was going to install that toolbar.



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I used to run this program until version 2 came along, complete with WSG, which, as has been mentioned, is the source of the toolbar.

There was a huge stink on the ST forum, not so much concerning the fact of a toolbar - everyone has to eat - but the way it was included in the program. Initially it was unclear that including WSG also meant installing the toolbar. That has been rectified, at least to a degree.

There were also amber warning indications on the GUI if the WSG component was not active.

At the time I believed that more development was being put into the toolbar at the expense of the program. The program needed it sorely. It was buggy for quite a few users, and my perception was that the detection rate, and - most importantly to me - the HIPS capability, were slipping. Not long after that I uninstalled it.

Overall it's a pretty good program, but I think there are probably better behaviour blockers around. It's spyware/malware blocking abilities don't seem to be that flash, but they're probably better than Windows Defender.

Currently I'm relying more on keeping software up to date,(more important than most would think), a good AV, a 2 way firewall, a hosts file, and Noscript/Adblock plus. Seems perfectly adequate.

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