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Getting your Wifi stolen?

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Unless you have "Linux" you ain't gonna try it :P


Because you see, /etc/dhcp.conf is a Linux configuration file.


IPTables is a Linux firewall, built into the Linux kernel.


/usr/bin/perl of course is a another Linux directory/program



You are right it would indeed be fun to try. You should try it.


You can download Linux here.



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That is true..it is linux... but if you have a linksys wifi router you can put linux drivers on it :)


This is definitely for those who know what they are doing.

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If you have a Linksys wifi router you already have Linux on it, and there is no need for "drivers" to be added to it.


You can however change the "version" of Linux that is on it to gain better control via a GUI with more advanced settings.

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