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I have been running the full test for the past day or two. It kept saying that I had to upgrade the Flash AxtiveX (to Version 8) to run Internet Download and upload. I would go to the Adobe site that the test directs you to and download Flash Player at that site (version 9) even though I knew it was on my system. Still the Internet tests didn't run.


I finally went to the Adobe site separately and read all their instructions about downloading and installing the flash player - including the fact that flash players must be uninstalled before a new version can be installed. I then downloaded and installed Flash Player 8 (not 9 as the test would have you do). The test then runs.


Apparently your test is only set to run on Flash Player 8 - not any level 8 and above.


Also - running the internet test is mandatory to understand how your system rates. By running the test my system jumped 26 percentage points vs other systems.


Finally, the full test does not run the 3D test.


Also Optimize 2.0 does not uninstall craplets as it says it does. This has to be done manually.

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This should be in the forum entitled PC Pitstop Test or AutoFix Problems (with a separate note to PC Pitstop's Paid Products), I'll move it for you and leave a redirect here so you can find it. -kd5-

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Please post an OverDrive link so that we can see what is taking place on your computer. You will need to register an account, login, and run the full tests from the link below, then copy and paste the URL from the results page into your reply:




For the craplets we will need you to open a ticket at our customer service page so that we can get some additional information:




For the Flash issue, the bandwidth test works just fine with version 9. There have been no other reported issues saying it only works with version 8. Try this to resolve that issue:


Run the Flash Player Uninstall Tool found here:




Then reboot and install a new copy of version 9 from here:




To analyze the problem you are having running the 3D test, we will need more information. You can run the stand alone test and capture a logfile by following the instructions in this post:




Let me know once you have the logfile and I will send you an email address to send it to.

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