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I'm having a major problem with 3dmark05. Every time I try to submit, or save a score after the benchmark is complete, it crashes. I've tried running as admin (I'm using Vista x64, by the way), re-installing, running in XP compatibility mode, killing all other non-system processes, and still I have no luck.


I seem to remember running it on XP last time, but I no longer have an unused copy of XP (or the time to set up a dual-boot system if I did).


If I can't get this working, I'm afraid I may have to drop out of the Warz. :(


Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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Nope, I've kind of given up on 3D05. My score will take a big hit, but I don't have the time or patience to screw with it much more than I have already. :pullhair:


Hey simon what crashes, 3dmark05 or windows, if it's 3dmark crashing, any possibility of a screenshot. You've seen the other threads, I know its not Vista but XP, but I was quite frustrated that I had to post 2 times with an error, but finally got it to work with IG's help.


Don't give up, there is always a way if you wish to solve it.

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3d05 crashes, after the test finishes, whenever I click on "View your results online" or "Save as...".

That's what makes this especially annoying; the benchmark runs fine, but I can't see the score I get.


Here's some screenies, for what help they may be:

Posted ImagePosted Image

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I had a similiar problem with that bench last year


uninstalled driver .. ran driver cleaner in safe mode and re installed a known good driver w/ required reboots all was well


I second that option. Also try driver sweeper than brandon suggests. TBH that driver cleaner version available is more than outdated, its not updated daily anymore. Driver Cleaner Pro is now a paid ver (hek its cheap, only $10) and its updated daily, it works well.. http://www.drivercleaner.net/. Simon I know you have to pay, but it is just $10 but at least its guaranteed to work


* FREE online support

* 30 day Money Back Guarantee

* Pay with Paypal or any major Debit or Credit card

* Supports ATI, NVIDIA, SIS, Matrox, Intel, Creative, Realtek and more!

* 2000, XP and Vista compatible


Copied from actual website.
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