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on a side note, for the cosmos 1000, i dont want to forget to tell you that you gonig to have to spend alittle more money to get better fan cause the stock one sux, they honestly dont do nothing so you will have to buy better ones and another note is for the HDD ,there no fans near them and the one xest to the hdd cage does do nada so there is a heat problem for the hard drive but getting Air to them isnt hard at all


I just wanted to point that out to you , the case is good but i think the only down fall was the stock Fans and HDD cooling ,i got 120mm fan mounted under the HDD cage keeping then cool so there are way to get cool air to them


i have 7x120mm mounted in the case and i just ordered this




and thats going to have another 120mm fan mounted to that so there no lack of air now in this case

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I got my parts yesterday, set everything up, and I have to say, this is the best case I've ever dealt with. :wub:


I had quite a few problems with the water cooling, but I got everything working now, although I had to use my old waterblock.


Anyway, I think it's about time for me to start pushing my rig 'till it screams. :overclocking:


Thanks everyone for the help! :D

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