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FCC plan to create free broadband in US

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More importantly this line : "The license would also require the network provider to install a filter to keep out pornography and other inappropriate content."


Spells censoring to me. How about we just jump right into Communism, burn the Constitution, and give raises to all of congress.

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How would the filter even work? People would just change words. like pr0n..lol ...Plus they dont have the technology to filter images very well. Although they are very close thanks to Google. Even when they can they would need some hella servers to scan all of them that go threw.


"In a filing with the FCC, T-Mobile said that its own testing has shown that allocating the AWS-3 spectrum as Martin proposed would interfere with its own licenses in the neighboring AWS-1 band. The carrier recommended that AWS-3 licenses be limited to downlink transmissions, which would create a one-way network where users could download, but not upload, data."


Isn't this what people have been saying all along? A ONE WAY internet. I love how they lie to get their way.

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