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Websites not coming in

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Something downloaded onto your computer and changed your browser settings ----


Try a on-line virus scan to begin with...


Know a good virus scanner? It seems that when I use internet explorer on a high speed internet connection. Certain websites like google and ps3.ign.com don't come in at all and other times, google will come in and ps3.ign.com will partly come in. I have used the ping command on these website addresses. Sometimes the ping will work and other times, I'll get a request timed out.


I used a bit defender scanner and the only thing that the scanner found was an adware.generic.29478. This has been deleted. Today it seems that things are working again as far as I know. I'll continue to monitor everything in the next few days.


It seems that if a website doesn't come in using internet explorer, I can log off of windows, log back in and the website will then come in, if that makes any sense.


After a few days of monitoring, I consider my issue to be solved.

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