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I'm helping to clean up a work machine that is very very sick while our IT guy is away. Found a number of trojans so far, a few nasty malware pranks, and some rogue .exe files that I can't seem to place.


Mostly clean now, but I have two processes running that are suspicious.


msiexec.exe is automatically loading when windows boots, although there are no residual installation processes due to complete.



ME7244.exe is running and I am not sure what that is... further, there is no google info on it. I am considering it a very likely candidate to be a trouble maker.


Does anyone know what this process is?

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Might not be as simple as that... I lost ME7244.exe when I switched back to normal startup to see if it would start because the file search couldn't locate it. I did not find it starting up again, but got a nother bogus looking one... LNAFE2.exe Similarly there does not seem to be a listing for it.


Right now it is sitting open on my taskmanager but the file search is not able to locate it.


Unless it is a network file (in which case H*($S*#* we have big problems here), I think it might be an alias name for another process.


I keep seeing symantec find the same trojan threats over and over again even though I have removed them from the current and system registries.... there is a file here somewhere that I am not finding.



Edit: Collapsing Following post...

FOUND IT! It's getting created in a temp file whenever I restart.... I will upload LNAFE2.exe and scan per processes above now...

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Results from Virustotal:

File UD6DD1.EXE received on 08.04.2008 10:40:49 (CET)

Current status: finished


Result: 1/36 (2.78%)

Compact Print results

Antivirus Version Last Update Result

AhnLab-V3 2008.7.29.1 2008.08.04 -

AntiVir 2008.08.04 -

Authentium 2008.08.03 -

Avast 4.8.1195.0 2008.08.03 -

AVG 2008.08.03 -

BitDefender 7.2 2008.08.04 -

CAT-QuickHeal 9.50 2008.08.02 -

ClamAV 0.93.1 2008.08.04 -

DrWeb 2008.08.04 -

eSafe 2008.08.03 -

eTrust-Vet 31.6.6002 2008.08.02 -

Ewido 4.0 2008.08.03 -

F-Prot 2008.08.03 -

F-Secure 7.60.13501.0 2008.08.04 Suspicious:W32/Dzan!Gemini

Fortinet 2008.08.04 -

GData 2.0.7306.1023 2008.08.04 -

Ikarus T3. 2008.08.04 -

K7AntiVirus 7.10.402 2008.08.02 -

Kaspersky 2008.08.04 -

McAfee 5352 2008.08.01 -

Microsoft 1.3807 2008.08.04 -

NOD32v2 3323 2008.08.04 -

Norman 5.80.02 2008.08.01 -

Panda 2008.08.03 -

PCTools 2008.08.03 -

Prevx1 V2 2008.08.04 -

Rising 2008.08.04 -

Sophos 4.31.0 2008.08.04 -

Sunbelt 3.1.1537.1 2008.08.01 -

Symantec 10 2008.08.04 -

TheHacker 2008.08.04 -

TrendMicro 8.700.0.1004 2008.08.04 -

VBA32 2008.08.04 -

ViRobot 2008.8.1.1321 2008.08.01 -

VirusBuster 2008.08.03 -

Webwasher-Gateway 6.6.2 2008.08.04 -

Additional information

File size: 296224 bytes

MD5...: b8bee3b4802f23fcc809082dfb5a663b

SHA1..: aaf3bec0920d83e09b24988d9d4baeebaa7c92e5

SHA256: b4a6cc1c2881f12ac55ea18dcb4d469c2bd39205db6103ff2450ac5b8ba4ba65

SHA512: 6b3a963734a87b8197dca6b106b9b2bfaa47a152cd26d3f0dbcc94cad96ad5e8


PEiD..: -

PEInfo: PE Structure information


( base data )

entrypointaddress.: 0x41db09

timedatestamp.....: 0x48243050 (Fri May 09 11:06:56 2008)

machinetype.......: 0x14c (I386)


( 4 sections )

name viradd virsiz rawdsiz ntrpy md5

.text 0x1000 0x350bb 0x36000 6.61 d7f9a3888ef873e8a66a5ef75280ec7a

.rdata 0x37000 0xb763 0xc000 5.01 781cee8b4262394da3ccceb73a8c24fe

.data 0x43000 0xb760 0x3000 3.16 2b669b77dbae0570d425d6dfcbaf70da

.rsrc 0x4f000 0xaf8 0x1000 4.42 853b1f5de5376361b0ca12f4a6354f1e


( 7 imports )

> WS2_32.dll: -, -, -

> ADVAPI32.dll: SetSecurityDescriptorDacl, InitializeSecurityDescriptor, StartServiceA, QueryServiceStatus, CloseServiceHandle, OpenServiceA, OpenSCManagerA, RegCloseKey, RegQueryValueExA, RegOpenKeyExA, RegSetValueExA, RegDeleteValueA, RegCreateKeyExA, QueryServiceConfigA, RegNotifyChangeKeyValue

> KERNEL32.dll: GlobalAlloc, GlobalFree, lstrcmpA, TlsGetValue, GlobalReAlloc, GlobalHandle, TlsAlloc, TlsSetValue, LocalReAlloc, TlsFree, InterlockedDecrement, InterlockedIncrement, GlobalGetAtomNameA, GetThreadLocale, ResumeThread, GlobalFlags, lstrcmpW, GlobalDeleteAtom, GlobalFindAtomA, GlobalAddAtomA, GetLocaleInfoA, GetCPInfo, GetOEMCP, SetFilePointer, FlushFileBuffers, GlobalLock, CreateFileA, GetFileAttributesA, RaiseException, RtlUnwind, ExitThread, CreateThread, GetSystemTimeAsFileTime, UnhandledExceptionFilter, SetUnhandledExceptionFilter, IsDebuggerPresent, HeapAlloc, HeapFree, HeapReAlloc, GetCommandLineA, GetProcessHeap, GetStartupInfoA, HeapSize, ExitProcess, GetACP, IsValidCodePage, LCMapStringA, LCMapStringW, VirtualFree, HeapDestroy, HeapCreate, GetStdHandle, FreeEnvironmentStringsA, GetEnvironmentStrings, FreeEnvironmentStringsW, GetEnvironmentStringsW, SetHandleCount, GetFileType, QueryPerformanceCounter, GetStringTypeA, GetStringTypeW, GetUserDefaultLCID, EnumSystemLocalesA, IsValidLocale, GetConsoleCP, GetConsoleMode, GetLocaleInfoW, SetStdHandle, WriteConsoleA, GetConsoleOutputCP, WriteConsoleW, GlobalUnlock, FormatMessageA, SetLastError, GetCurrentProcess, LoadLibraryW, CreateFileW, WaitNamedPipeW, SetNamedPipeHandleState, WriteFile, SetWaitableTimer, GetOverlappedResult, ReadFile, GetCurrentThreadId, CreateEventW, CreateNamedPipeW, DisconnectNamedPipe, ConnectNamedPipe, lstrlenA, CompareStringA, MultiByteToWideChar, InterlockedExchange, WaitForMultipleObjects, LocalAlloc, LocalFree, CreateProcessA, GetModuleFileNameA, GetTickCount, CopyFileA, TerminateProcess, MoveFileExA, GetVersion, VirtualAlloc, DeleteFileA, Sleep, ResetEvent, SetEvent, TerminateThread, DeleteCriticalSection, CreateEventA, InitializeCriticalSection, GetCurrentDirectoryA, GetComputerNameA, GetTempPathA, GetTempFileNameA, GetSystemDirectoryA, FindFirstFileA, FindNextFileA, FindClose, lstrcmpiA, OpenFile, WideCharToMultiByte, GetVersionExA, GetLastError, EnterCriticalSection, _lclose, LeaveCriticalSection, GetPrivateProfileIntA, FindResourceA, FreeLibrary, LoadResource, LockResource, SizeofResource, CreateMutexA, GetModuleHandleA, WaitForSingleObject, GetExitCodeThread, lstrcpyA, GetCurrentProcessId, OpenProcess, CloseHandle, ReadProcessMemory, WriteProcessMemory, GetProcAddress, LoadLibraryA, InterlockedCompareExchange

> USER32.dll: DestroyMenu, PostQuitMessage, RegisterWindowMessageA, LoadIconA, WinHelpA, GetCapture, GetClassLongA, SetPropA, GetPropA, RemovePropA, GetForegroundWindow, GetTopWindow, DestroyWindow, GetMessageTime, GetMessagePos, MapWindowPoints, SetForegroundWindow, GetClientRect, GetMenu, PostMessageA, CreateWindowExA, GetClassInfoExA, GetClassInfoA, RegisterClassA, AdjustWindowRectEx, CopyRect, DefWindowProcA, CallWindowProcA, SystemParametersInfoA, IsIconic, GetWindowPlacement, SetMenuItemBitmaps, GetMenuCheckMarkDimensions, LoadBitmapA, ModifyMenuA, EnableMenuItem, CheckMenuItem, SetWindowPos, SetWindowLongA, IsWindow, GetDlgItem, GetFocus, ClientToScreen, GetWindow, GetDlgCtrlID, GetWindowRect, GetClassNameA, PtInRect, SetWindowTextA, UnregisterClassA, SetWindowsHookExA, CallNextHookEx, GrayStringA, DrawTextExA, DispatchMessageA, PeekMessageA, ValidateRect, GetWindowTextA, LoadCursorA, GetSystemMetrics, GetDC, ReleaseDC, GetSysColor, GetSysColorBrush, UnhookWindowsHookEx, GetWindowThreadProcessId, SendMessageA, GetParent, GetWindowLongA, GetLastActivePopup, IsWindowEnabled, EnableWindow, MessageBoxA, GetMenuState, GetMenuItemID, GetMenuItemCount, GetSubMenu, wsprintfA, DrawTextA, TabbedTextOutA, GetKeyState

> GDI32.dll: TextOutA, ExtTextOutA, Escape, SelectObject, SetViewportOrgEx, OffsetViewportOrgEx, SetViewportExtEx, ScaleViewportExtEx, SetWindowExtEx, ScaleWindowExtEx, RectVisible, DeleteDC, GetStockObject, PtVisible, DeleteObject, GetDeviceCaps, SetMapMode, RestoreDC, SaveDC, SetBkColor, SetTextColor, GetClipBox, CreateBitmap

> WINSPOOL.DRV: OpenPrinterA, DocumentPropertiesA, ClosePrinter

> OLEAUT32.dll: -, -, -


( 61 exports )

[email protected]@[email protected]@Z, [email protected]@[email protected]@Z, [email protected]@[email protected], [email protected]@[email protected]@Z, [email protected]@[email protected]@Z, [email protected]@[email protected], [email protected]@[email protected], [email protected]@[email protected], [email protected]@[email protected]@Z, [email protected]@[email protected]@Z, [email protected]@[email protected], [email protected]@[email protected], [email protected]@@IAEXXZ, [email protected]@@[email protected]@[email protected], [email protected]@@[email protected][email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@@@@[email protected]@[email protected], [email protected]@@[email protected][email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@@@@[email protected]@XZ, [email protected]@[email protected], [email protected]@@IBE_NXZ, [email protected]@YA_NXZ, [email protected]@@MAE_NXZ, [email protected]@@MAE_NXZ, [email protected]@@IBE_NXZ, [email protected]@@[email protected][email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@@@@[email protected]@[email protected], [email protected]@@[email protected], [email protected]@@[email protected]@Z, [email protected]@@QBE_NXZ, [email protected]@@[email protected]@@Z, [email protected]@YA_NXZ, [email protected]@YA_NXZ, [email protected]@YA_NXZ, [email protected]@YA_NXZ, [email protected]@YA_NXZ, [email protected]@YA_NXZ, [email protected]@@IAEXXZ, [email protected]@@QAEXXZ, [email protected]@@QAEXXZ, [email protected]@@QAEXXZ, [email protected]@@MAE_NXZ, [email protected]@@MAE_NXZ, [email protected]@@IAEXXZ, [email protected]@@[email protected], [email protected]@@[email protected], [email protected]@@[email protected], [email protected]@@IAEXXZ, [email protected]@@IAEXXZ, [email protected]@YA_NXZ, [email protected]@YA_NXZ, [email protected]@YA_NXZ, [email protected]@YA_NXZ, [email protected]@YA_NXZ, [email protected]@YA_NXZ, C_IsIPChanged, C_OfcDogLockFiles, C_RegWatchDog_Ofc, C_RegWatchDog_Ofc_PCCNTMON, C_RegWatchDog_Ofc_TMLISTEN, C_RegWatchDog_Ofc_TMPROXY, C_UnRegWatchDog_Ofc, C_UnRegWatchDog_Ofc_PCCNTMON, C_UnRegWatchDog_Ofc_TMLISTEN, C_UnRegWatchDog_Ofc_TMPROXY


ThreatExpert info: http://www.threatexpert.com/report.aspx?md...809082dfb5a663b





The other service reports nothing.

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Well, you've scanned a temp file, that apparently can reproduce it'self to keep it alive.


You don't have the 'dropper' file (could look like a normal file) or anything else that looks fishy?

How about email?

How about IM? Is it used?

How about an infected usb flash device?

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