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Anybody here into biking? Cycling is something I've been getting into recently.


At first I rode my old beach cruiser for 7.5-10 miles a day, depending on the day of the week.

Trying to ride a beach cruiser like it's a road bike isn't the most fun thing to do, so I got a road bike after a month or so. Its an old school schwinn that I believe is from the 70s or 80s.Looks like this bike, but is black. Got it for $60, then had the tires replaced and gears fixed for another $60, and works perfectly now. Although it's a really pretty bicycle(imo, I'll post pictures later..), I think I really want to get a well-kept old school Bianchi. I'd love to get a bianchi from the 80s, like this.



After I got the Schwinn I started to ride for 10-15 miles daily. It's been almost two months since I got that road bike, and I've taken a break from riding for the past week, and I plan on picking up again this weekend.

Besides for the typical 10-15 mile ride, on occasion I'd go on longer rides or shoot for better speed. I'm trying to make a ride out to ft.pickens a monthly deal. 6.5 miles from my house to the gate, then 1.5 miles paved, 2 unpaved over sand, and then 7 paved. Repeat for ride home. The 2 miles over sand are tough; you have to walk your bike. It's very rewarding to return home after a ride like that though :)


So does anybody here at the pit also ride for exercise or fun? Anybody here with some nice road bikes? B)

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Hey danielos,


That Schwinn was my primary transportation in the late '60's and early '70's during college.

(except I had twin saddlebag baskets on the back big enough to carry groceries, or books, or most of my laundry)


Your routine is definitely more ambitious that what I do these days with my mountain bike.

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