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hard drive priority light goes nuts while playing crysis

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im geting realy bad lag when my hard drive light comes on sometimes it will make it stop for like 5secs than it will go again...


i even tried everything on low and it still does it so i know its not because i run with high settings plus i have a 4850:)


but this realy kills my performence if the light doesint come on everything is realy smooth but when the hard drive starts loading something it goes nuts and i get under 10fps or even lower:(


i also have raid 0 so it should be fast.


what causes this?


i was thinking its ram but i have 2.5gbs so it shouldint be a problem.

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hmm ok seems like it was the 10mhz overclock was doing it WTH?


whould that cause that? like right now i have it at 645 core and 1045mem if i put it to like 655 or 660 and 1060 mem it makes the hdd goes nuts.


seems like i cant overclock much overstock with this card but if i lower my processor overclock it overclocks more?




edit hmm still doing it when stock.


can a raid get mess up somehow?


what it seems like im runing out of memory but how can i with 2.5gbs? or maybee crysis pushs it over that with vista?

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will it hurt if i hook up a 2nd psu and run some stuff off it to see if theres a diffrence?


like the hard drives?


the psu i was gona try was the one that came out of my xe783 which is a 100watt or a 150watt will that power the hdds?


what i like about that psu is its realy small and will fit right in the drive cage:)

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