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was thinking of geting the 4850 but will my pc handle it?

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hmm do you think mine is about right with my cpu?


i know the 4850 should be scoreing way higher but think its because of my cpu causeing it to score low in benchmarks.


or would you think its my psu holding it back or maybe something is wrong with the card?


i know its killing my old card x1900gt in every benchmark and game.


but i see 8800gt beating mine and even the 3800s... or maybe they got them overclocked to death .

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ya think my cpu is holding me back in benchs because everybuddy is useing quad cores and stuf lol there not one opty on there with 4850 lol


but in games pretty sure its runing as it should be because just tried grid and have everything maxed and 1680x1050 res and even 2xmsaa and geting 30s and 40s and 50s lol never drops under 30 its avging like high 30s and 40s:)


aslong as it plays games fast i could care less what the score is on benchmarks:) its pretty decent on vantage tho geting the same as a quad core with a 4850:)


tho if my psu has 2 rails thats 18 on one and 20 on the 2nd one does it combine when more is needed? i herd this card requires like 25amps min....


like if i put the cpu at stock and try to overclock the video card it overclocks more than when the cpu is overclocked would my psu cause that?

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