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You can act, give me $2000!


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So my little sister sees an ad on Nickelodeon about acting auditions and makes my mom call the number. She gets the audition and goes all the way on the end of Long Island to auditon, and from what I hear from my mom she totally bombed it as she was quiet and kept messing up her lines.


That was yesterday, and for some unknown reason they call back today and say my little sister is marketable. They want her to come back today and bring a credit card so they can charge $2000. I'm sure this is a scam but my mom's not so sure. Here's the info they have on the sheet they gave us:


ACT (877) 214 0770



Bios of people involved:

Julian Rosenberg with Management 101 (Los Angeles)

Julian has been in the business for more than 10 years and has helped shaped the careers of many stars. He currently works in the Theatrical Division and represents series regulars on all major networks. He has booked actors from hit kid shows on Nickelodeon and Disney, and also represents stars from movies produced by Paramount, MGM, Universal and 20th Century Fox.


Hugh Ridell, Natoinal Director for A.C.T. (NY, LA, Chicago, Phoenix)


Mr. Ridell has been involved in every aspect of the entertainment business for over 18 years. Hugh started his career as an actor/model and then moved on to be an agent, personal manager, and professional acting/modeling coach for many in the business. Hugh has worked with top celebrities in the business. Many of these individuals can be seen in movies like Cheaper by the Dozen, The Anna Nicole Smith Story, Flight Plan, Skeleton Key; TV shows like "LAX", ER", "E-RING", "Criminal Minds", "Charmed", "Saving Grace", "Grey's Anatomy"; national commercials that include McDonalds, Khols, Evergirl. Models, which he has personally worked with, have wlaked the runway for the likes of Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton and have appeared in billboards and magazines for InStyle Magazine and Abercrombie & Fitch. More recently, Hugh's clients have landed roles in upcoming films featuring Johnny Depp, Mark Whalberg , and Jason Biel.

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Eh, it turns out it is real. At first my brother and mom tell me that their searches on the internet revealed nothing about the company and I trusted their skills. However, upon my own search, I found their website and accreditation at the BBB. So I guess they are real then.

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If they want her, then they will pay her.


There are lots of "talent" and "modeling" agencies out there that will charge you for their picture services, acting/modeling courses, etc. Many are quite good at playing on the hopes and dreams of the young for profit.


Bottom line is the bottom line. If they want you for a part, they will pay you. Not the other way around.

If she is in fact marketable, then get an agent. A reputable agent will charge a percentage of the clients income, when there is income. Not before.


Been there, done that. Had a small part on a show called Hawaiian Heat, when it was filming in Hawaii years ago. Local commercials, Actor's Television Workshop, etc. Paid my agent after I was paid.


A couple of examples:

2. Can they charge me an up-front fee?


Occupations Code, Chapter 2105.201 prohibits advance or registration fees that are a condition of a talent agency’s registration or representation of you. A talent agency may offer the sale of services and/or products; however, you are not required to spend money in order for the talent agency to register you or represent you. Beware of the following: a talent agency may not require you to use or to subscribe to a specific publication, video, audio tape, postcard service, advertisement service, resume service, photographer, or acting or modeling school or workshop. However, if you decide to purchase a service and/or product from a talent agency, the talent agency shall disclose to you, in a written contract signed by both the talent agency and you, that such purchase is not required as a condition of the talent agency’s registration or representation of you.



A lot of actors are worried about getting ripped off by unethical agents. How can I tell which agencies are legitimate, and which are scams?

You never pay an agency to be signed with them. The agent should make a commission from the work they get the actor.


Check out the agency’s track record. See what work they have actually booked actors in. Do casting directors contact that agency for work?


Scams do not care if an actor books or not, that is not how they make money. They make money from actors desperately wanting in the business and they pay the person that has told them, they will “make them a star



From what you've posted, for $2,000, your sister will participate in an acting/modelling workshop.



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Talent agents are like any other sales agent - they just want fresh warm bodies in front of them to push an idea.


They don't care if you really have a particular talent, but they will take your money in management fees, etc.


Everyone who doesn't have a legit act out here becomes a "talent" agent.

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