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Suspicious "MSN Connector" window popping up intermittently

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Hey guys and girls,


I recently downloaded Firefox 3 for my Windows XP x64 Pro computer. I find that often when I am on the internet a pop-up of indeterminate origin will appear. Would any of you happen to have seen such a pop-up? I have included a screenshot here for you to look at.


It would probably be helpful also to add that if I do not close out the pop-up, Firefox refuses to access any website that I wish to visit; i.e., it will forever stay at "loading _website name_," as reflected by the status bar at the bottom of the Firefox browser. Once I close it, however, the website quickly loads.






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Thanks Jacee, I wasn't aware of that.


I have uninstalled MSN Explorer from Add/Remove Programs, Brandon, but the popup still comes up. I can't find anything about it on the web either. I have, however, in the meantime downloaded that extension you mentioned. You can never be too safe.


Thanks for the help.



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Try this:



basically he says this:



Under "Network connections" there is an "MSN" connection, with me it said it doesn't work because the "hardware is not installed". Delete it and the pop-up won't come again.


I also had this and do not remember where it came from or how it installed itself, but the problem indeed occurred after installing FF 3.

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