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Official AMD Radeon HD4850, and 4870 benchmarks

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Notice the incredibly small 3FPS hit when 4xAA is enabled @ 1920x1200 on Call of Juarez. No longer can people with green tinted glasses lambast AMD for it's formerly lackluster AA performance.


This is going to be one hell of a battle, since AMD will be able to counter nVidia on all fronts. The 4870X2 can compete with the GTX280, the 4870 can compete with the GTX 260, and the 4850 can compete with everything else.


And everything seems to point towards the following specs for the 4850/70


800 Stream Processors (with 160 useable in an absolute worst case scenario)

725Mhz clockspeeds (4870), 625Mhz clockspeeds (4850)

1,200 GigaFlops processing power (4870), 1,000 Gigaflops processing power (4850)

3,600Mhz GDDR5 (4870), 2,000Mhz GDDR3 (4850)

1GB of RAM (4870), 512MB RAM (4850)

256bit memory bus

Universal Video Decoder 2

~150w TDP (4870), ~110w TDP (4850)

$229 (4850), and I'd venture to say the 4870 will cost ~$300.

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Looks like the 4800 series is going to be killer.


With that said though, it’s not ground breaking performance in the sense that it’s pushing out numbers we haven’t seen before. See, I’m probably not allowed to say this, but it helps me put my point across a bit better. The GTX 280 is slower than a pair of CrossFired 4850s for the most part; it’s also $250 AUD dearer. The price on the HD 4850 in AUD is around $250, so $500 for a pair while the GTX 280 is starting at $750. So, a pair of 4850s isn’t enough to drag me away from my consoles, but the 4870s should if the 4850 is anything to go by. The best thing about them however is that the value these cards will offer is nothing short of astonishing.

As frustrated at NVIDIA as I am, who has really annoyed me is ATI. The fact that the NDA has been pushed back is just killing me. Knowing the results on the HD 4850 has completely changed my outlook on the GTX 280. At the moment, a lot of review websites have compared the GTX 280 to the 9800 GX2 and they see the performance being similar with a single core, then they see the new technology that’s implemented into the card and find it all to be pretty amazing. Performance talks though, and if these people had seen the HD 4850 run in CrossFire, I don’t doubt that their opinion on the cards would have likely changed.

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It's just as I suspected. The 4850 will beat everything up to the 9800GTX, perform in league with the GTX280 in Crossfire, and use less power than either card.


I really want to see what the 4870 can do, since it's supposed to be 30% faster than the 4850, and the 4850 in Crossfire is already encroaching on the GTX280's territory.

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In Xfire its beating the 9800GX2 by a healthy margin, and the GX2 was ahead of the GTX 280.


ATI has a winner. Im gonna pick up 2 4870 for xfire, im sure the performance will be amazing since it has 1gb of GDDR5.


Thats a nice low end card.

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I wouldn't call a card that beats the previous gen high end card "low end". It's mid-high end at the very least.


4850-Mid-high end

4870-High end

4870x2-extremely high end




Whats the release for the 4870

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really, thats not bad. Its faster then the 3870X2 and the GTX 260 in lower resolutions. It even trails behind the GTX 280.


If thats 512mb, then double the VRAM and we have a winner at higher resolutions!! Finally!! :drool:



you think this will play on my plasma? or same issue as the 3870 and 3870x2

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