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i wish i can get my system like that


I may have got lucky on a decent oc'ing cpu this time around. Thing I like about it, at 3.8ghz with barely adding any more voltage, the cpu is not even breaking a sweat on air. It was only running 49c. Below the max of 62c. I should be able to hit 4ghz on air. I will mess around with it later and see what it can do some other time. It should get into the 16k range with not to much more effort. Edited by edw6698
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thats great well i wish you luck with it and keep us updated

, i can get mine to 3.5 it boots up nicely but when i run 3D03 it crashes , not the PC just the program right now i got it at 3.44 . wonder if i got to add more volts , right now it @ 1.37

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