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Followed those steps but nothing changed...getting same score :pullhair:

Was able to get 172 by changing the display to 16-bit :thud:


That is weird. I got 764 on that second run at 32 bit 1920 X 1200 res. Don't know if drivers would make a difference but I'm using 177.26 beta. Also running vista x64 business with SP1. I can see how that would drive you :pullhair:

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......it's a Vista thing....





When I ran the tests with Aero on and a few other bells and whistles, my video score was 397. After disabling all that stuff it shot up to 729. The last one (764) I oc'd to 648/1648/2100 with RivaTuner, which oc's 2D and 3D simultaniously.


I remember when I ran XP Pro, (might have been SP1 by then), with a new 6800Ultra I had to disable all the desktop 2D bells and whistles to get a decent 3-digit video score. When I went SLI with 7800GTXs, the video test wouldn't run at all unless SLI was disabled, but I could still get a pretty good 3-digit score with one.


Anyway, does this mean that Vista's video scores are flawed? :unsure:

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I see you have vista listed as one of your os, what kind of video score do you get on it?


Have not tested using Windows Vista :yucky: yet. I use it for testing purposes only.

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