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Pocket PC: DELL Axim X30 model


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I purchased a DELL Axim X30 pocket pc (model number HCO2U) approx 3-4 years ago. Basically, it has sat unused for most of this time and now I am thinking of using it! However, the model I have does not have Bluetooth installed - or a wireless networking facility (technology has obviously advanced such a lot in this space of time!)


The model I have has Windows installed (media player, Word, Excel and Outlook).


I recently purchased a new main desktop with Windows Vista. Ideally, I would like to link my pocket PC to my desktop - but not sure if they would be compatible due to technology differences?


What I want to know is can I upgrade my pocket PC have have Bluetooth and Wireless Networking installed - or is this not possible with the DELL Axim X30? I see that newer X30 models have these facilities installed.


Perhaps I just need to sell it and buy a new one?


Any offers of helps would be appreciated.


Many thanks.

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