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OpenSuSe 11 Bug Thread

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twenty nine days early" i know, i know :P



one bug that i would like to miss ............


when something should go terribly wrong with backup drives i end up locked out....... let me explain



well when you are greeted with fsck and you need to unmount and force a repair and 1,209,808 blocks are read 15 minutes later you are prompted once again it just becomes a bug that bugs the hell out of me, i mean its not like like Control+D wasn't useful :lol:


any the whole point is no other options to boot up suse, even removing the backup drive i am faced with yet another error;


it remembers the disk because its listed in fstab, i get unknown file system or file type.......



why cant suse boot so that i can run the repair on the backup drive in console, why am i locked out?


if it doesn't make sense its a bug

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How do you expect an operating system that relies on the file system to boot when the file system is corrupt? :laughing:


Thats kinda like saying my car is buggy because when I put water in the fuel tank it refuses to start so I can't go get more gas :P

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the os is intact ( the system) the backup drive works in every single os but suse and there are no errors on it.


i figure suse could at least boot so that i can use suse :P

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i am locked out of suse, suse is on a different hard drives, my backup drive is also on a different hard drive !


when i booted the machine i was trapped, (black screen) CLI" because the backup drive contains errors.


i unmounted the backup drive and forced a scan with fsck, scanned a million blocks + and quit, in fact it quits every time on the same exact block.


i said the heck with it and removed the backup hard drive, i started up faced with yet another error because it could not locate the file system.


all i am saying is suse should startup so that i can scan additional hard drives in console as the suse hard drives have no errors!


the funny thing is, no matter what other os i use with this backup drive (everything works) just having this issue with suse :shrug:

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A little late, but always install nano. Nano is your friend! Not like that old vi,..vim..whatever the hatefull thing is called.


Simple fix. When you get to the "only Ctrl+D..." do this:

nano /etc/fstab

Erase or comment out whichever line is the problem. Happens to me all the time cause I forget to edit fstab when I change things around and I'm not gonna spend a year learning that vi thingy from the PC dark ages. :lol:


Why oh why doesn't suse include nano or pico text editors in what loads by default on both the cd/dvds rescue mode and the default installation? I always have to boot into rescue mode with the cd/dvd, mount my root partition on /mnt, then chroot /mnt to finally be able to run nano /etc/fstab,...well, sometimes anyway.

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Running the GM version of openSUSE 11, and haven't found any show stoppers.


Running it my laptop is near flawless.


Composite and aiglx are enabled by default now, and compiz fusion and the required gui untilities are installed by default, so you just go to the menu, click the utility and start compiz. Thats all there is to getting compiz running :tup:


My fn brightness keys work out of the box in 11, in all previous versions I had to edit a few files to get them to work.


All other hardware works perfectly, 3D drivers (intel) are installed by default and enabled.


wifi, ethernet, sound, and everything else works perfectly.


The only oddity I have found so far is, even though wifi is enabled and functioning the little light on the front of the machine remains red, when wifi is on it should be blue.


That is the only thing that isn't working, and to be honest I don't care what color the light as long as the hardware works :lol:

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Tito, I'm pretty sure the purpose of this thread is for those who don't read bugtrackers to see if there are any outstanding issues someone has run into, so people who don't read bug trackers, but browse the pit, can be aware of something to look out for.


Plus, it's an operating system. The bug tracker is bound to have a gazillion entries.

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Edit: I just reread my post and clicked on the time.gov link, eastern time zone, and it's working now! I don't know what the deal is but it's working after reinstalling the default java and java pluggins. So no bug probably.


Problems with the default java pluggins in firefox and konqueror:


I usually test java by going to http://www.time.gov/ and clicking on my time zone. It shows a running clock and a accuracy statement. I can not get it to work in the 32 bit version. Java runtime and pluggins are installed by default but don't work on that site. Tried manual download/installation from Sun. No luck there either.


Oddly enough, I believe I had it working in the 64 bit version which is usually harder.


So, maybe this is NOT the final, I think I hope. :lol: The official release is what, 3 days from now? I got my order in and I guess we'll see.


Anyway, I really like this release. Frankly, 9.2 has always been my favorite default look/theme for suse. But 11.0 is a beautiful work of art! I'm speaking primarily of the installation and setup screens AND their functionality.

Edited by John 44
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No, I didn't do anything wrong and there is no bug. It seems to be a connectivity issue for me. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.


I have this still new to me gigabit router and it may be a factor. It has 2 modes of operation, gateway or router, and is Linux based. It is in gateway mode by default.

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I can't even get to the site at all now, also having some problems intermittently with one or two other sites, I would say there are some DNS servers having problems out there somewhere.

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