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Fed up with fake emails claiming to be official sources ?

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I've done a search and couldn't find mention of this so I'm hoping it hasn't been posted before.


I'm sure most are aware of the fake PayPal\eBay messages saying click on link to enter security details etc etc, a few may of even come across ones from banks claiming similar things, well here is a tool I just came across the other day that looks like a must have tool in everyones arsenal, it works in web mail and in most mail clients that I'm aware of, but being new to me I couldn't swear there may be something it wont work with, but for the vast majority it will cover you, and it's very simple, just like site adviser it has a traffic light style presention, it takes no skill to use it so it's fantastic for beginners as well.


This tool is a must have if you depend on eBay\PayPal not to mention other official body's who may deal with sensitive details to do with you like banks, it doesn't cover all of them, but it covers what appears to be the main ones that put you at most risk, it will not catch emails from Joe blogs, so it wont protect you from the unknown risk, but it will tell you about the ones that can do the most damage, for the main part anyway, my understanding is more company's are signing up all the time to this so it can only get better, and most importantly for most is the price, well, it comes with everyones favourite price tag of free, yep totally free to get\use so you have no excuse to not give yourself a very useful piece of protection, especially for the less experienced as it needs no skill to use and will protect them from themselves spotting the fakes when they may not, so get it now.



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Well give it a while and they will probably get round to adding it so it does work, but it does require businesses to sign up to it so they become added as well, but as I say it's got company's signing up daily from what I can make out so can only get better, but if people are using Outlook as they're email client they need to download the Outlook version as well as this version for total cover.

Also take note in the small print, if it isn't working with something you use\need, then click the link, tell them, and they will approach them and get them onboard (hopefully anyway) then will notify you when it has been included.

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It's just a snippet of text under the download buttons, here it is for you to see.

NOTE: If your preferred email program, web mail provider or operating system

is not listed, click here and we will notify you when support is available.

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