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here we go again

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hi all am new to this forum and would like a little advice :blushing:

i am wondering if i have enough (or too much) security on my computer:

PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus_PURCHASED

PC Tools ThreatFire_FREE

PC Tools Firewall Plus_FREE

Advanced Windows Care BETA 3_FREE (for the registry cleaner and the defragger)


Spyware Blaster

any advice will be much appriciated :clap:

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Careful there with registry cleaners.

Most of these registry cleaners don't make proper backups and if it nukes something system critical ... you are up for at the very least a repair install.

Reg cleaners are quite dangerous unless one knows exactly what is being fixed/removed. There is no "good" automated Registry Cleaner........... Despite all the ambitious and promising advertisements for them.

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