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Internet Security Suites

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Ok, you got 2 out of three I guess.


Real time protection-free or paid.




I know nothing of CounterSpy. I am still trying to learn more & to get better.


Norton is fussy & may clash with ConterSpy??


As I remember Spyware Docter does not like Spyware Blaster???


I guess more than one active antispyware is only a safe general theory, if I have seen it.


CounterSpy is ranked number 1 in the world by Cnet. It's not exactly light on resources, but it does work well and includes active protection.


Norton is fussy and tends to clash with everything. Couldn't pay me to use Norton anymore after seeing how it slows down the entire system and internet for some customers that I've had to do repairs on their systems. :)


I haven't tested Spyware Doctor recently, and don't think I've ever tried Spyware Blaster. I figure you usually get what you pay for with free AV/Anti-Spyware. AVG was the lone exception in my humble opinion. :)

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