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memtest86 allways right?

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is memtest86 allways right?


because i tested my ram on my laptop with memtest85 test 5 and in about 40min i have 10k errors and for my desktop memtest86 was allways right.


i just not sure how it is on laptops.


and i wanted to make sure befor i go buying new memory.


also i am haveing problems to like in games sometimes it would crash with a exe error and than in test drive unlimited it whould show this black line ony on the hood of the car than when i tried to exit the game it crashed with a blue screen...


also had to reinstall windows like 3 times to get it working ok.


so its problee is the problem but just wanted to make sure:)

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ordered this memory http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820146517


man memory realy got cheeper paid 140$ for 2gb year and half ago lol


but ya pretty sure its the memory i tried 1 stick each and one stick shows errors the other is good.


usely gave problems around 15 to 20min.


than i tried test drive with one good stick in 1gb and played for 20min to 30min with no problems:)


i was gona just get another stick of g skill memory and use the good stick with it but i just decided to get another brand and not risk it because im not sure if this stick will last down the road and aslo both sticks gets fire hot....

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so far no problems at all while runing with the good 1gb stick:) had test drive runing for like 2hours to 3hours with no errors or glitchs:)



hopefully the new ram comeing wont have no problems at all:)


seems like i been haveing alot of memory problems this year... first my desktop had to rma 2sticks than my other desktop 512mb stick which now works not sure what happen there lol than my laptop...


all this is makeing me haveing memory errors hehe

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