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Trend Micro PC cillin

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Yeah, I think we should be identifying one of those Trend parts as the antivirus. I am not sure which at the moment though.


Also, there are some Symantec parts still running. Did you mean to do that, or is Norton just being stubborn? I would be interested to know, because I have had Symantec folks tell me several times that this doesn't happen.

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Most of the leftovers were part of Symantec Live Update, I was able to uninstall that using add and remove. Funny how it all installs in 1 process and how it takes 2 or 3 steps to uninstall everything.


There were 2 services that wouldn’t uninstall, Symantec core and Symantec lic net connect. For the time being I just disabled them. It is fishy why they aren’t included in the in the uninstall processes.

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