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SpywareBlaster & Firefox

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Anyone else having a problem with these two? When I launch SpywareBlaster 4.0, it happily loads the definitions for IE, but when I try to enable the protection for Firefox 5.0 against tracking cookies, I get a dialogue box which reads:


Error: access violation at 0x005F71FC (tried to read from 0x07DA04C4), program terminated


I even installed and reinstalled again today, but the problem persists. 10041 items in the database are protecting my PC, none of them, it would seem, from Firefox-based threats.


Anyone else having this problem?

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If you use another antispyware program, it could be locking up the hosts file preventing spywareblaster from getting access. Try disabling any other antispyware progs and give it another go

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maby this here


Latest update for Spybot is causing problem for Spywareblaster (access violation)





Ah, that would appear to be the problem. Thanks, lurkingatu2. :)


As far as I know, there is no version 5 Firefox, there is however a Firefox v3.0 BETA 5 and if you are using the beta version I would remove it and download the stable version Firefox

Adamsappleone; you are of course, correct. I was in a bit of a hurry when I started this thread yesterday and wrote down a load of garbage about 5.0. I am indeed using


I'll have a fiddle around with Spybot and see if I can get SpywareBlaster to work. Thank you all, for your replies. :tup:


Edit: All sorted out, now. Decided to update S&D before I messed about with anything and the problem is now gone. Thanks again, all (especially lurkingatu2)

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