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AutoHotKey Trojan/Virus False Positive

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Good Afternoon,


I recently scanned a PC that detected AutoHotKey.exe as a svchost trojan/virus, at the file location C:\Program Files\AutoHotKey\AutoHotKey.exe. I use this application daily and was wondering why PCPitstop would detect it as a Virus? What standard does PCPitstop use to detect these viruses or is there something I don't know about AutoHotKey that I need to be aware of?


Thank you for your time and assistance.

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Yes, we really need to see where that message is coming from.


Our database of running programs has that file identified correctly:




Okay, I have the results set for TechExpress.


Check these sites out:

- This is the applications website.



- This is a search on Symantec's website for autohotkey.



- This is a search on CA's website for autohotkey



- This is a search on TrendMicro's website that only had 1 result however I cannot find information on the trojan linked to AutoHotKey.



- This is a search on McAfee's website which states that this is a program.



I hope this helps.

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I think what happened is that we changed some things about the way we detect software recently. AutoHotKey is used by some trojans and viruses to help take over a computer. It was detecting that file as being a possible trojan because of the way it's used.


Right now you should see that file as "Unknown" but we're still looking into the problem.

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