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Updated SyncBack Install


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This is an update SYNCBACK install.


This can help some. It backs up the client, (You can set the time table),

and if you lose a WU, you just have to have it put the files back.

(You will need to do this before the next update.)


You can get Syncback from here:



Install it on one of your machines. Create a folder (FAH BACKUP) and

inside that folder create folders for your machines. (FAH1, FAH2)


Start Syncback - It will ask if you want to create profile - Click Yes



Check - Backup: for copying files to another directory, drive, FTP server, etc.



Click OK


Give it a name (ie SMP1)



High light - Back up source directories files, including all its sub-directories

Choose a source directory (Files to be backed up) Click on folder - SMP Folder


Choose a destination directory (Files saved too) Click on folder - SMP Backup Folder

Click OK


It will ask if you want to do a test run. (No)



High light the new Task. Click schedule - Answer Yes to create schedule



Answer NO to remove restriction.



Click OK to set password.


Set password (SMP machine password, or normal password)



Click schedule - "Daily" - 9:00AM - click "Advanced".



Check repeat task - Every (I use 1) Minutes/Hours (I use Hours)

Duration - 24 hours

Click Apply


If all OK, it will close.


Highlight task

Click Run



Click Continue Run



Should show - "Success" under Result.



This will back up all the FAH files/folder every hour. With my five machines, it

takes approx. 3 seconds.


If you lost a WU. Open Syncback, highlight the Task, click Restore. The last

backup will be restored to the FAH folder. Losting at max 1 hour, which you can

set to how you want.


I hope this helps, if you have any question, just ask.

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This is an update SYNCBACK install.


This can help some. It backs up the client, (You can set the time table),

and if you lose a WU, you just have to have it put the files back.

(You will need to do this before the next update.)




Nice work RAH.

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Create the folders. (I use my least used machine)

Once syncback is installed, just guide it to the FAH folder

you want backed up. Then to the backup folder. SEE THIS:



The two folders on the top right. Source and Destination.


So I'd have to do that 3 times for the 3 machines I have????



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yes for each machine/folder you want to back up.

if you have three machines, create a backup folder, with three other

folders inside. or just create the three backup folders alone.


Then show the original folder (source) to back up folder (destination).


Once you have them, set the schedule to what you want.

Normal (C2D) is around four frames an hour. So that is what I use.


Its totally up to you. It takes about 3 seconds, to back up each folder.

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Sorry bro', I'm still lost. I can't make it back up to all 3......


Do I need SyncBack on all 3 comps?? Or just 1?? I have it on 1 comp now, with a Backup folder containing 3 other folders (FAH1, FAH2, FAH3, (maybe only need 2))


My apologies for my KornFuzion........... :(



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Thats OK CB.

You have sync installed. Open it, (shortcut on desktop?)


Do you have any profiles? If yes:

Click (highlight) one of them. Click on schedule, and follow the install.


IF no: Clcik on "NEW", make sure "Backup" is checked. Click OK.

Give it a name (SMP1) click OK.

This screen will pop up.



Navigate to the FAH folder from source (click on folder on top right)

Then navigate to the backup folder (click on second folder on top right)

Make sure "backup the source directory and files, including it sub-directories" is highlighted

Click OK - it will ask to perform a test - click no


Do this for each machines FAH folder. You should no have three profiles listed in Syncback

Highlight each one in turn, and click "schedule".

Set the schedule you wish (follow install).


Let me know if any ?S

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Well, I have a problem. In my "Work" folder, I also have 3 separate folders (FAH1, FAH2, FAH3). However there's no work in them. I have a ton of files in the work folder itself, but none going to the individual folders, therefore I have no backups..... :(


What next?? My rigs are "Machine 1, Machine2 and Machine3" for folding purposes....SyncBack is on Machine1....



Edited by caintry_boy
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You must not have pointed to the correct folder.


Open your backup folder. Select all / delete.

Make the three individual client folders (1,2,3).

Close the folder.


Open syncback, highlight each client separately. Click "Modify"

Reset the "Destination" to each correct folder.

Machine 1 to Machine 1, 2/2, 3/3.

Then select each client, and click "RUN". This will install a new backup.


You must make the target, the individual folder, or all the backup files will go into

just the backup folder.

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Yes it should copy(backup) to each individual folder.

I always copy the whole FAH folder. You can just copy the work folder though.


Your source folder is the FAH folder on each machine.

The destination folder is 1,2, or 3 in the backup folder.


To me, if I see this correctly, your "Work" folder, should be named like "FAHBACKUP".

Then inside of that have MACHINE 1, Machine 2, and Machine 3.


On machine 1, you have a FAH folder (with all files and work folder in it). Do not

double click on it from Syncback as a source folder. Just highlight (one click).

Then drop down to the "Destination" button. Navigate to the Backup Machine 1 folder.

Don't double click on it, just one click.

You have a "Simple" tab. Make sure "Backup the source directories, including all its sub-directories"

is Highlighted.


Click OK - Click Run - Click Continue Run


Check to make sure backup was successful.

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Houston, we have a problem!! Just today, I've created 83Gb of backups from running Syncback every hour........using all my disk space on that drive.......:( This is my O/S drive, what now???





edit: it appears to be backing up the entire SMP folder and there are backups on the backups of the backups x about 39 x 3 rigs.........:yikes:

Edited by caintry_boy
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Well I would say delete, all syncback, files and folders, and

start from scratch.

And do it right the first time.


Did you just keep redoing the backups? Or did you delete the old ones?

How many syncbacks do you have? One is the correct number.

How many profiles do you have? For you three is the correct number.( I think)

Mine is 386meg for three.


Send me your machine, I'll install and send it back. (After I check it for a few months

under my name of course)


IIRC there are a few settings, that you could have set that might make new backups

each time, MAYBE, but I just redid it again, going through the install, and it worked fine.

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