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Iphone Killer, From Sprint & Samsung

el kido

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Suppose to be better then the Iphone by a longshot. And I think it will. Samsung never makes a junk product. Well, atleast on phones.


I have had the Samsung A900 Since Febraury 2006 and its still the best Phone I have had. I have $175 cash back from sprint, so the phone shouldnt be to expensive. MSRP is lower then What the Iphone has, by atleast $100.


If the keyboard is easy to type with and I cantext and read emails, I am happy. Im still a fan of the simple flip phones, (like mine) sinc eI memorized the keypad and can text in my pocket with my teacher noticing or me even looking. Hope I can do that with that phone.


Who has sprint and whats your inputs?

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i would look at a working demo before buying it :tup:


Ya, but I wonder how good it will be. If It can do Texting easy, if I can do Email, If I can listen to music and Videos (not downloading from sprint :yucky: ) and easy to carry in my phone pocket then I am happy. Touch screen is a little on the down side for me. I wish it had a built in hidden keypad kinda like the Rumor but better. :shifty:

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It's inevitable that these big touchscreen phones are going to be popping up everywhere since the release of the iPhone. iPhone killer though, I doubt it. If anything the iPhone will continue to do well just because it's an Apple product.


Granted this Samsung phone (and many of the others new touch screen phones) offers features that aren't on the iPhone (yet), but how polished is the phones software? I mean, what the iPhone does do it does almost flawlessly. Come June when the new iPhone firmware and the SDK are released it's going to be just that much better too. Also with a new iPhone rumored to be in the works, Apple will continuously 1-up the competition.


My favorite thing about the iPhone is how simple it is to use. The transitions are smooth and quick... The touch screen is VERY responsive.. Everything about it just seems so well thought out.




I just watched a video of this Samsung Instinct. It doesn't look to bad and the interface almost looks like a knockoff of the iPhone, but poorly implemented. The web browser looks like trash, as does the music player. It seems semi-responsive when navigating through the windows, but the screen looks overly sensitive. There was a scene in there where it looked like the guy was trying to scroll, one time he hit a button, and another it didn't scroll. Flipping the phone to it's side, for landscape mode, took a while and very choppy transition.



I'll keep my iPhone.

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By release hopefully it will be better. I dont think there will ever be an "apple Killer". But Samsung Matches Apple pretty good.


The Samsung P2 series is touch screen, larger screen, slimmer, and more flexible then the same priced Nano, you cant go wrong. I would never offer those crappy Nano's to people.


Hopefully the Samsung just can be offered as an alternative Iphone for Sprint. Kids at my school make their parents switch from their services and spend $$$ to switch to Cingular. I call it spoiled.


If the Browser is slow and lacks, I have to wait for a new version or something, I need a PDA type phone though. :cr@sh:

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w/out a solid state HD, it'll never approach the apple killer status. 2gig of memory vs the 8 on the apple..... simply not enough room.


you can easily pick up a dozen phones now that have a 2 gig card slot.


though the speech 2.0 thing is intrestingly sounding like a MS sync type product

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