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Mozilla Update - 6 security vulnerabilities leaks in Firefox

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Mozilla Update - 6 security vulnerabilities leaks in Firefox



The Mozilla developers have an update for open source browser Firefox, 6 security leaks solved.

2 of the leaks let a hijacker run random code through that could possibly take over the system.

An other leak that could allow a hijacker steal login data by pop-up window.

One of the two danger leaks will be created by JavaScript and is also appears in Thunderbird and Sea monkey.

A good reason again for the 'No Script add-on', told ISC handler Raul Siles, the update can be viewed via the browser of Mozilla.com or by doing the following.

Open your FireFox browser - Click on the |'Help' tab | next click on | Check for Updates| to download and install the security Updates.


The Source code is: Security.nl

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