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I get 421 points if I use a Radeon X1800XT (Core 625MHz / Mem 750MHz ).

I get only 71 poits with a GeForce 8800GT (Core 660MHz / Mem 950MHz).

Isn't a GeForce 8800GT faster?




Right now there's no rhyme or reason to the video tests. I have an 8800gts and I see people with 7600gt's get better scores than me. I don't put a lot of stock in the Pit's graphics card score.

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I was wondering if there was anything wrong with the card.

But then I ran a 3DMark test yesterday and it went up more than 4,000 compared with the previous setting.


We should have a 3D test, which could be combined with the 2D test for more accurate results.


Thanks for the input :)

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