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8800 vs. 9600

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Why are there people here suggesting the 3870s? I thought this thread was something like (best bang for buck). we all know what happens when you run 3870's with AA and AF. :P They some what fall.


I would get a 8800GT. or a 9600GT for $140. I was looking in to 3870's but when i looked deeper in reviews, i was not so impressed. they performed ok at resolution wise. but when AA and AF came in to play, In almost every single situation They were bogged down. I belive my video card could kill a 3870. IM Overclocked to 770Mhz core, 1925Mhz shaders, 2300Mhz memory. 11,500 3DMARK06. stock cooling. 55C Load. The overclock is really helping alot. regardless any game is playable to your satisfaction


Before i bought the card i was not expecting performance this well, Nor was i expecting to achive a overclock this high. I belive i cannot get anyhigher. And ive hit a wall. regardless of cooling.



This 9600GT is currently beating a reference Clocked 8800GT 512mb. Ill give you some ideas of my game performance.


[email protected] 1680/1050 16Xaf/ DX10 enabled. no AA i average about 60- 85Fps.


Assassins [email protected]/1050. Full Detail/ DX10/ 8Xaa 16XAF/Max Crowd Density. Avg 38-45Fps


I have not tried to play crysis yet. :unsure: Im going to purchase this thursday.

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