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How to handle "Flash Cookies"

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As a prime ID 10 T :thud: PC user this came as a surprise to me when I was listening to a security pod cast and just had to pass this security tip on.


It turns out that more and more are using " Online Flash Cookies " they plant them without your awareness to track your movement. Semi hidden cookie techniques that you should be aware of for your own peace of mind about computer security, this will :pullhair: anger some of you that this practice is being adopted while little is understood about it.


You can prove this yourself if you have " Flash " loaded on your " Lap Top or PC "...


Delete all cookies, empty browser cache then shut down your PC wait 10 seconds or take your L.T. / PC to another location. Re-Boot then see how many sites you have visited in the last month still know you, now this is not going to be true for everybody; but there are going to be a lot of surprised faces out there for sure...




Tip how to resolve this type of " Flash Cookie "


In your web browser type " Flash Player Settings Manager " click on search, in the results look for then click on " Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager Website Storage Settings " this page might take a while to fully load.


The good news is you can control all these settings yourself here and now. Stop all the sites you don't want to use these " Flash cookies ", while leaving any sites you trust; but then if they do this behind your back are they trustworthy.


When the page has loaded a flash image interface should appear with six tab labels, just click on anyone, have a look; alter / delete them as you like.


I was amazed when I found out just who is storing what cookies here.




Good luck...

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Having spread the word on a couple of forums now, after this was first brought to my attention by a friend from across the pond. One forum I set a poll question, surprisingly not many people had heard of :thud: "Flash Cookies"





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