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Dual Boot Vista / XP Service Install


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This will allow you to install the SMP client as a service in Vista, while

allowing you to dual boot with XP, and still run the same client.

(So far I have not had any issues with this, and hope it works for you too.)


Done with Vista Ultimate 64


I have tried this with the FAH folding being in Vista users/your account/FAH, and

on a third partition FAH folder.


After you have installed XP/Vista and updated, you are ready.


Create the FAH folder, download and save the SMP client.




1. Enable the Vista Administrator account.

A. Start - Right Click on Computer - Manage - Users - Right Click Administrator - Remove check

from "this account disabled".

B. Start - Type "cmd" in search bar - Right click on "CMD" - Run as Administrator. Then type

"net user administrator /active:yes".


2. Switch users to the Administrator account.


3. Install the SMP client FAH folder. Make sure you install to "all users".


4. Send the "fah.exe" to desktop (create shortcut).


5. Run "Install.bat" using your log on and password.


Posted Image


6. Right click on shortcut, and add "-configonly" to the target line.

Posted Image


7. Run the fah.exe, entering the correct items. (Use your own name if you must).

As seen in screenshot.

Posted Image


8. Restart the machine, and log on to your account. (Service is not running as yet.)

Run the "install.bat", with your name/password, to ensure MPI working correctly.

Go to start - control panel - administrator tools - services - and double click the FAH service.

Go to "log on" tab, check the "This account" and enter your account name/password.

Posted Image


9. Restart the machine, logging onto your account, and the service should be running.

There is no reason for registry edits, as everything is hard coded in client now.


If everything is running correctly, disable the administrator account, and now

were ready for step TWO.




1. Restart the machine, switching to the XP installation.


2. Go to the Vista partition, users/your name/FAH


3. Right click on the "fah.exe" and send to desktop (create shortcut).


4. Run the "install.bat" file using your XP name/password.


5. Add the "-configonly" flag to the target line of the FAH desktop shortcut.


6. Run the FAH shortcut, using the correct entries.


7. Restart the machine to the XP partition.

Go to start/control panel/administrator tools/services/FAH/log on - and enable

"This account" with your name/password.


8. If all is done correctly, restart the machine. No matter which OS you log onto, the client

will run.

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Nope. I have not had any problem, with stopping the client with a restart.

It actually seems to be coming quite stable.

I just switch to vista to keep checking it. Only have 2 gig in these machines,

and its a memory hog.

Seems to be about a minute slower then XP too.

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k sorry, just didnt know if the update changed that little(big to me) problem. RAH, thank you for taking the time to figure this out for us. I couldnt get my tv tuner to work with media center in vista so i dont know if i will be using it much until then. Since i have xp smp installed on here. Can i just uninstall(after doing a configonly remove of the service) and then follow your guide to be folding in both? Just asking cuz i didnt necessarily do things in the order you did

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You should be able to just stop the service. Copy/Paste the FAH folder to the

XP C: drive. Reboot into Vista, and copy paste the FAH folder into users/your name.


Then run the install from the add admin.

Then when finished, run the XP from the Vista install.


It might work the other way around, but I kept having trouble keeping it stable, with the

client on the XP hard drive. I could have missed something though.


It seems stable, and fairly easy to do. Just been busy, and I haven't felt to good the

last couple of weeks. Old age getting to me I guess.

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Mark, you must realize that this was done with the old SMP client. With my health, I have

not gotten around to testing with the new client.


I would think, that if you use the older client (with new core) it should still work.


I found the easiest way, was to create three partitions. Install XP, then Vista.

Put the folding folder, on the third partition. Set up the XP service install, then

reboot into Vista and do the same. (or vice versa I guess).


Put a copy of the folder somewhere just in case. Once everything is set correctly,

and working on individual OS's, it should work.


Let me read over the "how to", and make sure I don't see anything wrong. I will

edit this post, and let you know.


Also check out the folding forum, as they have new service installs listed.



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