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Question about Religion

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Yes, that's what you get out of it. Why does gravity happen, though? Nobody could tell you for sure. What I gave you was one of the prevailing theories out there right now.


Mass creates a dip in the fabric of spacetime, and that dip interacting with other objects causes the attraction known as gravity. Anything with mass creates and is affected by these dips, so anything with mass is affected by gravity.



Going into a Black Hole would be akin to jumping down a well, and jumping down wells doesn't get you anywhere but the bottom of a well.

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Gravity has been explained. Please read up on gravity. We do understand gravity. Gravity from the moon causes the tides on earth.


And matter does not create anything. Matter has properties, behavior, it affects things. It causes reactions. It does not create things.


The reason I mentioned black holes is because of their super-powerful gravity, and extreme density. Just an extreme example. Compare a bar of gold to a piece of styrofoam of the same size. That's density. I believe Stephen Hawking explains black holes better than I can. http://www.hawking.org.uk/home/hindex.html




You can bake a cake, but, you didn't create it. You mixed things that already existed together to get a cake. Even a cake is the result of the reaction of matter with certain properties. But, that's chemistry.


It's a complex place we inhabit, in fact, it's complexity may be a good argument that there may be a higher power. The idea that "creation" has taken place could imply there is a creator. God.


OldGardner, I couldn't get anything from your links, I have a telescope, too. An old Celestron. I love astronomy. So your links would interest me.

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Well if god created everything then who/what created god? Where did god come from?


Good question, and if anyone could answer that then we would have alot greater understanding of life itself. I don't think religion is flawless, IMO it satifies the equation a little better than science can in some facets. At the end of the day though, anyones guess is as valid as the next guys. A notion of God makes me comfortable, it fills in a few gaps and makes sense to me. I don't expect everyone else to accept this, and frankly I understand why people would question the existance of 'God', but it works for me :)

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Gravity has been explained.


No, it hasn't. We only understand what gravity does, not what causes it. Ask any physicist about gravity. They'll tell you what it is, how it can be measured, but not what causes it. We're rather sure it's because of curvature of space-time, but it hasn't been completely validated (only mostly). Even then, it doesn't really hold up under the rigors of the very small (quantum physics).


All you're regurgitating at us is Newtonian physics. The funny thing about Newtonian physics is how it's wrong. It's close enough that you'll never notice it being wrong in any practical circumstance, but once you start looking at things that are extremely large or extremely small, Newton's "laws" don't hold true. They were replaced some hundred years ago by a guy named Einstein, you may have heard of him.


Take, for example, light. Why is light affected by gravity? It has no mass (if it did, then our lives would become far more painful and far more short as we're bombarded by tiny particles carrying an infinite amount of energy). Gravity is supposed to be two objects with mass attracting each other, so something without mass shouldn't be affected by gravity, but it is. It's because mass has an affect on spacetime, and that deflection in spacetime affects everything, regardless of whether or not it has mass. The light itself is completely unaffected. It continues traveling in a straight line from its point of view. It just does so through curved space, and thus it gets deflected.


Another thing Newton didn't take into account: The speed of gravity. Gravity is not transmitted instantly, nothing is. Think of those dips in spacetime as ripples, and those ripples emanate outwards from the object at the speed of light. If the sun suddenly stopped existing (far-fetched, I know), it would take approximately 8 minutes until we felt the gravitational effects of that.



So thanks, I've read up on gravity. Why don't you?

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if you were spun around real fast would you get up ....no gravity would hold you


if you rose atmospheric pressure would keep you down


so whats what atmospheric pressure or gravity

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Random X, after this post, I will no longer respond to you. I mentioned Einstein in my first reply to you. Don't be so rude! Why don't you read back, before you insult me.




Updated reply. I apologize for going off topic.

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Nope, it doesn't matter. It's easier to talk about God than science. Even when ya try to point science back to God.......What do you say when god sneezes?


During the Lunar Eclipse tonight, we were joined by two young Mormons on their 2 yr mission. I told them to look up, they had their backs to the moon as they walked west on the sidewalk, I had their attention, so I had to ask, why do you believe in God? I told them about our forum discussion. The answer: Faith, prayed on it, studied, back to faith. They were really nice young men, living their faith. One said it was sincere prayer that led him to God. They asked me why I don't believe. I wish our young man could have talked to them. They were respectful, honest and in no doubt that they have the one true faith. And they are out walking on this cold night, sharing that faith. I respect that. They said they would die for their God, but not kill. God would not ask them to kill. They believe God tests us and teaches us while we live here on earth. i wanted an explanation why any God, a loving God, could allow the suffering people endure. I can't accept that a loving God would allow it.


Religion requires faith, the belief of something in the absence of proof. All religion is based on faith. One of them said he actually felt a burning inside when God spoke to him. I have no doubt he had this experience. I did my best to get an answer that you could hear and say, there's the answer. But, I can only tell you what they told me. I know good people with no doubt in God. My mother never doubted. She set a good example through her deeds. I do not have faith, I still set an example by deeds. You can pray anywhere, anytime, any words.


If you are interested in Mormons, all ya gotta do is call, they will visit you. You can receive religious instruction at most churches, in Bible study. Or, in any faith look in the yellow pages.


Those two young men are praying for you and probably for me, too.

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What do you say when god sneezes?

Gesundheit ? (It's German for 'Good Health')


Anyway people seem to be diverging from the main topic, yes there is still a connection to it all, but it's not really answering the original question, but then again there is no clear answer, if there was such topics would never be needed.

But even the cleverest people on the planet can't agree on some of this stuff so people here have little hope of doing the same (no offence meant), you would be better debating what came first, the chicken or the egg, compared it would be a much easier one to crack than this.

Ultimately it's what an individual believes, which in itself can be risky, just look at those brainwashed by it all, very dangerous people IMHO, the rule I live by is the ultimate rule TBH, if you can do that then everything else is secondary.

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theres genesis and creationism, a scientist would probably attempt a contradiction, yeah, let there be light, but hold on what about the human skull dated as far back as six million years, how could all of this have began ten thousand years ago.


the scientists play a great role, they provide hypothesis and or outstanding proof, one scientist would totally agree or dismiss the ideas all together, they simply aren't fact.


proof can be contradicted, everyone could be wrong or rite.

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8210,Of course you are right, there are things that can't be expained. And Hulk asked the Sneeze Question first....we have a sense of humor, I just wanted to get off the physics thing. My answer was almost like yours....Bless you!! Just good manners......


But it was a question asked seriously and I think for several pages we really tried hard to help. Like I said last night, I talked to the two Moman Elders. Just to add their input to our forum.


Two young men I knew were dedicated to their faith. We had a quite a discussion on religion. I was afraid my hubby might convert, he ws so impressed. I could only repeat it, but, that should tell you, I sincerely made that effort to ask that question for LillBill, because I know he wants to understand it. I see you have tried as well. LillBill has to decide for himself.


8210guy, what is the ultimate rule you live by?


BTW on the chicken and the egg, this was an answer I heard, what lays the egg determines what is in the egg, so, it would be the chicken. I can't remember who said it. It makes sense to me, but it hardly solves anything



Duanster, you may be a little off on the date of the oldest human skull, but your point is well made. What we know for sure, is that we don't know for sure. I agree with your point. It's a very good one!

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