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Question about Religion


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Serious questions, if someone could provide some insight.



What religion do you practice?


Why do you practice that certain religion?


What inspires you to practice that certain religion over the countless other religions?


E.g. If you are Christian, why do you believe in Jesus as the son of God rather than another prophet?




I ask this because, while I am not atheist, I was never brought up into a certain religion. I have always been into getting into religion, but have no idea how to even get a clue how to get into any religion. Islam and Christianity seem to be equally valid to me. If anyone could provide some insight I'd appreciate it.

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what makes you think that any religion is more valid than another? personally, i think none of them are "valid", but it depends on what you consider to make something "valid".


"A casual stroll through a lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything."

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I do not think any religion is more valid than another, otherwise I would practice one. I am just asking why people personally believe their practice is more valid than the others. Logically, people should only practice a religion with faith if they have reason to have faith in it.

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I don't do religion TBH, I have no time for it, I find it ironic that something that is supposed to do such good can be so twisted.

Look back in history and you will find more murders, assassinations and wars bringing death, torture and who knows what else fought in the name\cause of religion than anything else, then move on to the amount of sex cases that have made the news, and those I am sure are just the tiny tip of the iceberg.


Now look at all the famine and needy in the world, go and look around where they are, you will see people dying of starvation with flesh hanging off their bones due to how starved they are, now look at any religious people around, they teach about helping the poor etc, but you show me a starved hungry religious person and I'll show you someone who truly believes in what they preach, and if you actually saw the bank books of religious causes you'd be sickened when you realise just how much money they have sitting there earning interest when they constantly preach and collect for the needy, how about spending some of that money they have stashed to help build homes in the 3rd world etc.


OK now I've explained why I have no time for it, let me also add just because I don't believe etc, it doesn't mean others shouldn't, many find true relief in such faith and in that I say great stuff, there are many good people around, although these days you have to admit finding them can be a major task depending where you are, but when religion is used for the right reasons and practises what it preaches then I'm all for it, but with all the above and with so much going on in this world you have to wonder why, I know those that believe will say at this point is where your faith comes into play, but for me personally there is no greater faith or religion than what I believe in, and if everyone followed what I believe in the world would be better overnight, no tricks, very simple really, it's "you don't do to someone else that you wouldn't want done to yourself" nothing more, I just try to be the best person I can and do what I can when I can, simple as that.

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I don't practice any religion. I am a very happy atheist. I believe my choice to be a non believer is as valid as as anyone who chooses to be a believer. I find joy in living, family and mother nature and so much more. I know you don't need religion to be a good person. I also know there is a stigma to being an atheist.


Of course, I have been called unGodly. I respect that we all should be free to make our own decisions regarding God. I will never impose my beliefs on another.


I would like to see Christians show more respect to those who disagree with them. What would Jesus think of what has been done through history in his name?


You can find insight in the Bible, the Torah, the Koran and many other books on a variety of topics. You can find insight reading the comics. You can find insight living your life and being observant.


You can live to be 100 and still be looking for answers. In fact, I hope I do just that.

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rich people are unhappy.


poor people are unhappy.


religious people are unhappy.


happy people are sometimes unhappy.



everyone seeks happiness, the ones that find happiness always find things to be unhappy about.


stuff happens, its how we make the best of it, good way to living a happy life :)

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Judging religion based on fallible humans is a mistake too often made.


it's those fallable humans that created religion to begin with. even if god "exists", it is humans who worship him, it is humans who create the religions to worship him under the name of, and they are all very fallable.

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I'm a Pastafarian. All hail his noodly appendages! ( R )Amen.



Brandon, I have looked into Pastafarianism, I like the hat. His noodly appendages once graced my desktop. That stuff about Pirates, now there is some substance! I won't say what substance....and there is no greedy gift exchange. What if I prefer macaroni, nah, it's too confusing for me to wrap my head around it. Still they do try to make a point and it should be taught in schools along with all the other theories. Perhaps i have not given it a fair chance. Where are the wars in his name? I am trying to picture the outfit for "Crusades." But, I am making fun of your chosen beliefs, accept my apology. I said I believed in free choice and I meant it.


We really need to study the Pirate graph.

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Lets not forget the Hypocrite's


Bill, read the bible, go to various churches, Babtist, Lutheran, Gospel, etc, talk to people who go to these churches and the Pastors or Ministers and ask them what makes them happy about thier religion, you'd be surprised at how many different interpretations you get. I for one am a Born Again Christian, so is my wife and children, but I do not believe in forcing ones opinion or religious beliefs on another, (which a lot of born agains do) that is for them or you to decide.

We are quite happy with the way we believe and what we believe in and , sure, we're not happy all the time, but who is, that's just life, as someone else had mentioned.



What makes you believe in Christianity, specifically your church over other churches, or another religion all together?

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You could give Agnosticism a try.


General Information


Agnosticism is the philosophical position that it is impossible to know about the nature or existence of God. The term was coined in 1869 by Thomas H Huxley from the Greek agnostos ("unknowable") to refer to his own conviction that knowledge is impossible on many matters covered by religious doctrines. Agnosticism is therefore concerned with questions of Epistemology, the examination of human knowledge; it considers valid only knowledge that comes from ordinary and immediate experience. Agnosticism is distinct from Atheism on the one hand and Skepticism on the other. Atheists reject belief in the existence of God. Skeptics hold the strong suspicion or probabilistic estimate that God does not exist. Agnostics refuse to make such judgments.




Can't hurt anything to acquire knowledge! :shifty:

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You have asked about our drug experiences and now what we believe in. Do you know what you are looking for? Because you are looking outside of yourself. You want to find something to give your life meaning and happiness, you want insight. You want someone to tell you what you need to figure it out for yourself. Who are you? What makes you happy. If you want to explore religion you can't explore it in a forum. Go to church!! Have your own experience, if the Holy Spirit moves you, you'll know. You won't learn about the religious experience until you put in the time.


I find the world spiritual, I find myself spiritual. I have learned about life by my own actions, sure I have asked questions, but, all anyone can tell you is what they feel, what they have experienced. Go to school if you need to be taught. Read books. It's like you want someone else to do your homework. Make your own observations. Learn about God. Learn about the person you are.


No one can explain the meaning of life, it is different for each of us. I find living life is what gives life meaning. Be a good person, be kind, don't judge, open your mind to ideas and listen. Life speaks to you, those moments when something becomes clear and you say to yourself, "I get it." We can't get it for you.


You have to find your own way in the world, other people can be your guides. They can't be you for you. Allow yourself to grow, life happens over a lifetime. Even a relationship with God is not something someone else can give you.


I could be wrong about God. I am not the know it all of the universe. And then again, I could be right. I don't think anyone knows, even Christians struggle with faith. You will have your own struggles. God makes people happy because his son died for your sins and to accept Jesus as your savior and through salvation you find your reward in Heaven. Eternal life......just a quick summary.


Live your life. Do a self assessment. Like I said, read, like someone else said, go to different churches. Use the internet. Spend time in nature, that is where I find peace. You might catch poison oak and say , "That's enough nature."


You will have to travel your own journey.

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The priest in my Parish when I was growing up. (John Geoghan)


Maybe some of you have heard of him, maybe you haven't. It would take you all of 2 seconds to find out who he was.


Needless to say I think organized religion is the biggest farce, scam, and hypocritical thing there ever was.


Perhaps my views are tainted, but I have seen nothing in my life time to convince me otherwise.

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Needless to say I think organized religion is the biggest farce, scam, and hypocritical thing there ever was.



yes who should we believe in, example : protestant work ethics, why would something like that be part of a religion, that can't go on without some form of criticism.


so many forms of religion one can spend a lifetime and never find truth, followers, they gather more believers as time goes on, how many followers actually know about the very religion they believe, many can be persuaded to follow, a zealot for example can be persuasive enough to gather an angry mob to commit human sacrifice in order to please who they worship.


its complicated and can get messy even going there :)

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i believe in mother earth

the trees and all the living plants are her lungs

the lava below us is her blood

water is our freedom

fire is our anger

the earth is our soul

i am indigenous .......who are you


our sun has been shinning for 5 million thousand years

it will shine for 5 million thousand years more

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