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PC Pitstop Full Tests Shift into OverDrive

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Unable to use overdrive beta because I get the 'some application is trying to close this window in an incorrect way - something like that" message. I can run regular tests only in debug mode if I don't run the 'disk health' portion...


Forgot to add - I didn't have the "some application is trying to close this window in an incorrrect way' message until I installed win XP SP 3...






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Doesn't work for me, runs the tests no problem but I get no results. After the page where you enter your upload/download speeds etc it just takes me back to the start page (Address - http://pcpitstop.com/betapit/default.asp). If it's relevant theres a message above the "Welcome back..." that says 'Intro: false'


WinXP Home, IE7 (both fully updated) and logged in to PCP.


EDIT: Works if using the anonymous test, doesn't work logged in

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One other thing, in the Software>Processes section says my soundcard tray icon should be disabled. This should be optional IMO, it certainly can't be disabled on my laptop as it has no seperate volume control so disabling it results in me having no volume control at all. So should be optional IMO, not disable.


(Sigmatel soundcard - Process is stsystra.exe)

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You should be able to set it to 0% which actually allocates 200MB's, the minimum amout needed to run System Restore and about enough for three restore points with the average system.




I am using a dell Dimension 8100 with Win XP sp2 and 768 MB RAM. Plenty of HDD space remaining ~ 30GB. My system restore memory setting is set for 3%(of a ~ 40 GB HDD) and yet when I go into System Restore I see only ONE system restore point has been set for the entire month of Feb and I canNOT go back to any previous month(I click on the back arrow and nothing happens) to see if any points have been set previous to Feb. The System restore tab in the System properties Window shows that "Turn off system restore" is NOT checked and the Status shows that drive C is being monitored. WHY is there NO more than ONE system restore point????????

Thanks for ANY and ALL help. Have a good day/night.

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I ran it on my Dell XP Pro machine.

It always tell me I need to defrag - but I always defrag before I run it.

It tells me I need to update 3 drivers, Network, Mouse, and Video...Howwever, when it goes to install these drivers I get a message the the drivers that are installed are newer than the one I am installing and it suggests I keep the original driver.

On the Details page - ALL of the customized suggestions take me to "PAGE NOT FOUND"


Other than that - it was good.... :b33r:

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