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i dont now much about computers. SOME BODY BUILDE it FOR ME its got a window xp, asus mother board, 250 memory

i am having some problems withe my computer when i run it for few ahours it shuts off. when i turn it back on i get a screen that says








i took it to the geek squad and they told me that it was the power supply so i changed it but it still has the same problem. could it be the video card that it gets hot? i try looking for it i but i could not find it unles is build to the mother board.

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Try running a Test on it?


Look up the Top and on the left in yellow is TechExpress Help? Click on that and follow all instructions, then after the Test Post the Results, also found under Tech Express there, back on here. Then we have an idea of your System to be able to Help you. It is safe and non intrusive.



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Is your ASUS motherboard a P4V8X-MX by any chance?

If so do you have the CD that contains the drivers for the motherboard?


If not they can be found here:http://support.asus.com/download/download_item.aspx?product=1&model=P4V8X-MX


It sounds like your machine is trying to load some drivers but cant find them.

The problem with shutting down could be related to this or could

be a separate issue all together. One thing at a time.


As Drovers Dog suggested run a Pit test and post a link here to your test results.

If your not sure how to do this the link below explains the procedure.


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Oh boy...where to start....

First off you need to defragment your system.

When this is done run another test and post

the results here again.

Hopefully the defrag will clear up a few other anomalies I see

in your current test results.

When you post your new test results we can move on to step #2

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Well your CPU load dropped from 6% to 1% thats not perfect, (yet), but it's better.

You still need to defrag once more at least to get things in proper order.

Before you do that I would like you to down load and run http://www.stevengould.org/index.php?optio...6&Itemid=69 this program.

You should also look at which file and folders on your computer you can burn to a CD or DVD

as you only have 27% of free space left on your Hard drive. Ideally you want to keep this percentage

above 55% at the very least.


Once you have done this defrag again better still run the defrager twice then

run another pittest and post your results.


Then we will address your low uncached speeds. ;)

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Thats looking better. :tup:

Your CPU usage is 0% while testing...right where it should be.

You still need to free up a bit more disc space by deleting or

burning to disc unused or unneeded files. You could also

reduce systems restore space down to around 3% from 12%.

This will also free up a bit of Hard drive Space.


Before we get into the next bit..how are things running?

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Yes that update has not finished yet as you can see

in the running process portion of your test results.

That would also account for the 7% cpu load.



Are you able to get the download and update to finish?


Can you see it in add /remove programs in your control panel?

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