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Winter Warz 2008 Overclock Scores

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Hey miggs, since you are limited without cooling, is there a way yoyu can work on the Ram? I think you can run DDR2 960 and set the timings to 4-4-4-12. I find Super pi favors either High speed or low latency. So if you are under 1130 work on Latency with slower speeds, if you are above, PI will like it.


From what I have seen, it can knock a whole second off. Which is a couple thousand points! PM if you want some crazy advice. :mrgreen:


Oh, and what are you guys saying!! That single GTS beats my 8800GTX in every 3dmark he ran! and my CPU is clocked higher!!


I think he doin well.

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Yeah well, I got the GTS to about 700/2000.. But clocking it more, and that will really unlock the beast..

I personally wasn't impressed with the scores all that much, only scoring 2k more on most of the 3dmarks, and little bit over the geekbench...


No I'm running single card RAH. And Brandon, I'm not a pro bro... bring it on :lol: .. j/k :P

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Sorry miggs. Just noticed what they had you listed at running, and what

you have in sig, aren't the same.


Got you listed 8400 with 8800GTX SLI. My bad.



HEY! Anyone got an 8400 and a couple of 8800GTXs miggs can borrow real quick??

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Miggs submitted in time but it was never entered on the score sheet .... http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?s=&a...t&p=1483601


He has had his first entry listed the whole time, his second (revised) verified and entered but never listed.


Hey, thats right! He switched and posted up at my urging just for that reason....... ;)





My bad...... :blushing:





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